We must remain vigilant

Dr. Michael Silverman

As citywide Chair/Chief of Infectious Diseases, Dr. Michael Silverman has played an instrumental role in London’s response to the pandemic. He has provided critical clarity in a world filled with noise about the novel coronavirus, advising hospital administrators on the use of personal protective equipment (PPE) and shaping infection control policies. His leadership and knowledge in infectious diseases has been sought nationally and beyond during the pandemic, and is one of the reasons London has so far been able to weather the storm.

“Infection control has always been a major issue in almost all aspects of hospital care, but in these circumstances, it has become of central importance,” says Michael, who is also the Medical Director of St. Joseph’s Infectious Diseases Care Program and a scientist at Lawson Health Research Institute.

Michael feels a strong sense of compassion for the people afflicted by COVID-19. It’s what motivates him to keep going when he’s feeling worn out. “The work has been exhausting but we can’t let our guard down now. The virus won’t get tired.”

So far, he’s been impressed and hopeful about the way Londoners have rallied – sometimes at great personal costs – to limit the spread of the virus. It’s comforting when he sees people wearing masks and maintaining a safe distance in public. It reminds him that we’re all working together towards a common purpose.

While we may only be in the opening phase of the pandemic, Michael, always the voice of reason and calm, reassures everyone it will eventually end. “We will return to many of the joys of socializing we had previously. We need to be vigilant today to protect our most vulnerable citizens and, in the future, we will be together again.”

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