What do a donkey rider, decoder and pilot have in common?

They are part of the 2020 Vision of Veterans calendar.

John Brownell parachuted from his plane when it was hit by gunfire. Bill Martin rode a military motorcycle through Western Europe. Iris Thomson worked at Bletchley Park as a decoder. Tom Allen hopped on a donkey to get where he needed to go in Sicily.

Each one of these veterans from the Second World War are featured in the 2020 Vision of Veterans calendar, as are men who served in the Korean War.

Telling their stories

Produced by the Veterans Care Program at St. Joseph's Health Care London, the calendar offers a glimpse into the lives of men and women who served Canada and its Allies in war. Included with a current photo of each veteran is a memento or photo from their time in military service.

"Every day, our staff cares for these amazing veterans and they tell us many stories about their time at war," says Tichelle Schram, Interim Coordinator, Therapeutic Recreation and Veterans Arts at Parkwood Institute.

"We thought it would be a wonderful tribute to publish a 2020 calendar, where they can tell a part of their story and share it beyond the walls of Parkwood."

A collection of images showing off the Veterans 2020 calendar

Calendar available for purchase now

This week, at a launch party, the veterans autographed pages from the calendar for those who came to celebrate its publication.

"They were like celebrities, signing their photos for their family and friends," says Tichelle.

Calendars can be purchased (for $15) at the gift shops located in Parkwood Institute, St. Joseph's Hospital and Mount Hope Centre for Long Term Care. No online or phone orders are available. All proceeds will benefit veterans who live at Parkwood Institute.

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