Veterans Care

The Veterans Care Program located at Parkwood Institute provides complex continuing and long term care for Canadian war Veterans. The program has 192 inpatient beds. Eligibility for admission is established according to Veterans Affairs Canada criteria.

Our mission is achieved through service, education and research.


To provide care that assists and supports the Veteran and his/her family to meet their current and anticipated needs to promote health and enhance their sense of well-being and quality of life.

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Service overview

Principles of care delivery

  • Care delivery is resident-focused: Veterans and their families are engaged as active partners in care planning and delivery.
  • Care planning includes input from all health care professionals on the treatment team, the resident and family member (as appropriate).
  • Care is evidence-based and outcome-oriented.

Video tour of the Veterans Care program

Therapeutic environment

Service delivery is structured within three inter-related sub-programs:

Veterans are matched to the subprogram that is best suited to provide the physical, emotional and social support they need for their unique quality of life, given their personal circumstances.

Interdisciplinary teams in each subprogram work with the veterans to promote both individual well-being and positive group dynamics in this shared living environment.

Quality end of life care is a priority in the Veterans Care program, where staff implement best practices. Palliative care provides physical, emotional, spiritual and practical support to the Veteran and their loved ones when they are facing a life threatening illness.

The focus of palliative care on each unit is to make end of life comfortable, enable privacy, promote dignity and provide support to the Veteran and their loved ones. A family visiting suite and specially equipped palliative room is available for patients and family members.

  • Dignity Matters Here

    We recognize everyone’s unique needs with respect and compassion.