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St. Joseph’s Veterans Care Program (VCP) provides long-term care (LTC) and outpatient services to eligible individuals.  

Veterans Affairs Canada decides who is eligible for our programs and services

Long Term Care at Parkwood Institute: 

CEO of St. Joseph's Health Care London Roy Butler, resident veteran Robert Kennedy and CEO of the St. Joseph's Health Care Foundation Michelle Campbell
Roy Butler, President and CEO of St. Joseph's Health Care London, Robert Kennedy, resident in the Veterans Care Program, and Michelle Campbell, President and CEO of the St. Joseph's Health Care Foundation participate in the annual Remembrance Day ceremony at Parkwood Institute honouring the service and sacrifice of all Canadian veterans.

The VCP provides LTC for Canadian War veterans and members of certain civilian groups. Most of our resident veterans served in World War II and/or the Korean War. Complex medical care is also available for resident veterans. Respite care (short-term stays) is available for those who are eligible.  

There are 141 beds in the VCP at Parkwood Institute across three units. Many of our resident veterans have complex medical conditions such as dementia, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), heart failure, chronic kidney disease, problems swallowing and cancer. 

When they move in, residents are matched with the care unit best suited to their physical, emotional and social needs. We treat each resident with dignity and respect and provide opportunities for them to live their best life. Learn more about our resident services

Outpatient Mental Health Services: 

St. Joseph’s Operational Stress Injury Clinic (OSI Clinic) is one of 10 outpatient clinics within the Canadian Operational Stress Injury National Network. It provides specialized mental health outpatient services to veterans, currently serving Canadian Forces, and eligible Royal Canadian Mounted Police members who are experiencing mental health conditions as a result of their operational service. The clinic is fully funded by Veterans Affairs Canada. We serve clients from southwestern Ontario, the Greater Toronto area, Hamilton and Niagara and portions of Northern and Western Ontario. 

The main OSI Clinic is located at Parkwood Institute (Arthur J. Hobbins Building) in London, Ontario, with a satellite clinic in Toronto. 

View information on our Operational Stress Injury Clinic

AnchorFrequently Asked Questions

Who is eligible for admission to long-term or complex care in the Veterans Care Program at Parkwood Institute?

Veterans Affairs Canada determines eligibility for those wanting to access services of the Veterans Care Program. This includes admission as a resident or as a client of our outpatient services. 

The veteran’s service records are not available, so how do I establish if the veteran meets the service eligibility requirements?

Please contact Veterans Affairs Canada (VAC) at 1-866-522-2122 (English) or 1-877-678-4711 (French) for assistance.

How do I apply for admission to the Veterans Care Program at Parkwood Institute?

Applications for long-term care and short-term (respite) admissions should be submitted to Home and Community Care Support Services. Please call 519-473-2222.

What type of care is provided in the Veterans Care Program?

The Veterans Care Program at Parkwood Institute provides long-term care and complex continuing care. Complex care is specialized medical care provided to those who need it. Respite care services (short stays in our program) are also available for veterans who meet the Veterans Affairs Canada eligibility requirements and need a long-term level of care.

Is it possible for my non-veteran spouse or common-law partner to live with me in the VCP at Parkwood Institute?

No. Only eligible veterans can be admitted to a bed in the VCP at Parkwood Institute.

What is the cost of a bed in the Veterans Care Program at Parkwood Institute?

Monthly charges for board and lodging are determined by Veterans Affairs Canada (VAC). There is an Income Protection provision for veterans with dependents. The amount payable is calculated based on family income and income tax returns and may be less than the monthly maximum. If it is established by VAC that admission is required as a result of a pensioned war related illness or injury, there is no cost to the veteran.

Will I be required to give up my right to my Veteran Affairs pension, other pensions, or any other income or assets that I hold, if I accept a veterans care bed at Parkwood Institute?


Will my spouse still receive services from the Veterans Independence Program (VIP) if I accept a Veterans Care bed at Parkwood Institute?


What is included in the board and lodging costs?

Board and lodging costs include accommodation, all meals, medications, medical supplies, nursing care, specialized therapy (as determined by assessed care needs), laundry services and a wide variety of leisure opportunities. The following services are available but are not included in the board and lodging costs: food and drink in the Iron Duke pub, haircuts, in-room television service, bedside telephone service, General Store purchases, etc.

How are rooms assigned?

When it is time to be admitted, you will be assigned to a specific room. Your room assignment may be changed to best meet your needs or the needs of other residents in the area. Any room changes will be discussed with you.
Most residents are accommodated with roommates in standard four-bed rooms that allow for both private and shared use of space. Some programs also have two-bed and single bed rooms that are assigned on the basis of availability and need.

Is it possible to pay an additional fee for a private or semi-private room?

No. Rooms are assigned on the basis of health need. There is no opportunity to purchase preferred accommodation such as a semi-private or private room.

How long is the waiting list?

The length of wait depends upon many conditions including the number of applications, and bed availability at the time of application.

Will I have a physician?

Yes. Medical care is provided by a group of family physicians from London. Each resident veteran is assigned a physician upon admission. The physician is on site at regularly scheduled times weekly and is available for consultation with the care team as needed.

Am I able to leave the unit or the facility?

Veterans in our facility, whose health permits, will often spend time away from the unit or facility independently or with family and friends. We ask them to please notify nursing staff on their unit before leaving. Staff will assist in planning for overnight or longer leaves of absence if appropriate. A physician’s order is required for leaves away from the facility.

Where do I eat my meals?

Residents in the Western Counties Wing eat meals together in the bright, spacious dining rooms on each unit. Seating allows for socialization or simply companionship during mealtimes. Food choices are made at the time of meal service. Residents are also offered snacks during the day.

How do I arrange for a tour of the Veterans Care program at Parkwood Institute?

Contact Parkwood Institute at 519 685-4053

Video tour of the Veterans Care program

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