Veterans Care - What To Expect


There are three accommodation types in Veterans Care Program: private, semi-private, and basic (ward) rooms. Rooms are assigned based on the health needs of the resident veteran. You may not pay an additional fee for private or semi-private rooms. There is no opportunity to purchase preferred accommodation such as a semi-private or private room.

a veteran using a walker standing in front of a menu board showing what meals are being served


Resident veterans are provided three meals and two to three snacks each day. We have a 21-day menu and tailor meals to the nutritional needs of residents and their preferences.

Lounge and Activity Rooms

Each care unit has activity lounges for residents and families to socialize with each other. They are also used by staff for formal programs.


Enjoy beautiful gardens and water features. These areas are accessible to all residents and are excellent places to relax and visit with each other, family, and friends.

rolling hills with gazebos nestled among a treed setting with birds

What happens on my first day?

When you arrive on the unit, you will meet some of the nurses who will look after your care.  A nurse will ask you about your health, your daily routine and the things that you like or dislike. Your doctor will be notified of your arrival and meet with you within the first week of your admission. You will not see your doctor every day. However, your doctor will be available for regularly scheduled visits and when you need medical attention. 

Items Provided by Veterans Care Program include:

  • bed, pillow, linens, blankets and towels
  • dresser/closet space, bedside table, chair
  • basic lighting
  • television (fee for service)
  • telephone (fee for service)
  • general toiletries - available free of charge - supplied by Royal Canadian Legion branches

Over the first few weeks

  • You will be informed of opportunities to participate in leisure activities both on, and off, the unit. 
  • You will be given information related to the health professionals involved in your specific care. 
  • Within 1-2 weeks, a member of the social work team will contact you to check in with you.
  • Dignity Matters Here

    We recognize everyone’s unique needs with respect and compassion.

    Joanne Barker