Veterans Care - What To Expect

Accommodations and Amenities

The Veterans Care Program is comprised of four inpatient units and one outpatient clinic.  Inpatient units serve Dementia Care (1 units), Physical Supportive (2 units), and Psychosocial Support (1 unit). The outpatient service is the Operational Stress Injury Clinic.

Three of the inpatient units, 2 Perth (Dementia Care), 3 Kent/Essex (Physical Supportive) and 4 Bruce/Elgin (Psychosocial Supportive), are in the Western Counties Wing building. The other inpatient units, 5B South (Dementia Care), is in the Main Building. Western Counties Wing and the Main Building are joined together by the Arthur J. Hobbins Building where the outpatient Operational Stress Injury Clinic is located.

Eligibility for admission and accommodation rates are determined by Veterans Affairs Canada (VAC).  The accommodation rate is adjusted annually in October. Once your application is processed by the Community Care Access Centre and subsequently by Veterans Care Admissions, you will receive a letter from the Veterans Care Program notifying you of the status of your application. If you have been accepted for admission you will also receive a letter from VAC with details regarding payment.  Some veterans may pay less than the maximum lodging fee, due to specific circumstances established by VAC.


Rooms at Parkwood Institute's Main Building and Western Counties Wing have a home-like atmosphere with large windows and coordinated décor. Residents are encouraged to bring a few personal items from home to personalize their rooms. Residents’ standard four-bed rooms allow for both private and shared use of space.

Some units also have semi-private and private rooms that are assigned on the basis of availability and need. All rooms have call bells to ensure that residents can alert staff when assistance is needed.


Residents in the Western Counties Wing eat meals together in the bright, spacious dining rooms on each unit.  Seating allows for socialization or simply companionship during mealtimes. Food choices are made at the time of meal service. Residents on units within the Main Building make their food choices in advance and meals are provided by tray service.

Residents in the Main Building may choose to eat together in a comfortable dining room or can have their meals in their own room. Residents are also offered snacks during the day.

Lounges and activity rooms

Each unit has one or more activity lounge rooms for the use of residents and their families. Additionally, there are large lounge areas in the main entrances of Parkwood Institute's Main Building and the Western Counties Wing where residents can relax and socialize.


The gardens are a focal point of the Parkwood Institute's community. Its meandering paths, benches and flower beds provide a wonderful view from inside the building. In season these areas are accessible to all patients and residents of Parkwood Institute.

They are an excellent place to relax and visit with each other or with family and friends, and provide an opportunity to experience the outdoors-an important part of the long-term care philosophy.

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