Veterans Care - Care Team

Advanced nurse practitioner

The advanced nurse practitioner (ANP) performs a health assessment of all Veterans on admission to the program and identifies health issues that need ongoing treatment or referral to other health specialists.

The ANP works collaboratively with the physicians and other health care team members to continue to assess the Veteran’s health status and to identify diagnostic tests or other treatments required by the resident to achieve optimal health.

Behaviour analyst

The behaviour analyst works with Veterans upon admission to assess how well a resident is adjusting. If a problem is identified, the Behaviour Analyst establishes strategies to assist their adjustment and integrates them into the resident’s care plan. This can involve educating and working collaboratively with other staff members caring for the resident. 

The Behaviour Analyst continues to monitor the resident on an ongoing basis for any further concerns, and makes recommendations to modify the care plan as needed.


The coordinator is accountable for the clinical coordination of interdisciplinary care provided on in-patient units.

The coordinator is responsible for facilitating quality care through a shared leadership approach and provides leadership and support to continuous development of the clinical and support team.

Music therapist

The music therapist offers Veterans a variety of groups and individualized programs. Music therapy interventions are designed to promote wellness, express feelings, reduce anxiety and stress, stimulate reminiscence, alleviate pain, enhance communication, compliment physical rehabilitation and promote relaxation.

  • Group programs offered include: music appreciation, bell choir, healthy rhythms drumming group, vocal choir and opportunities for reminiscence through music.
  • Individual music therapy sessions provide opportunities for creative expression through meaningful, self-directed activities such as song writing, playing instruments or using music to aid in relaxation and pain control.

Nurse clinician

The nurse clinician provides clinical education and consultation to team members to support and enhance the provision of patient care. 

Within the Veterans Care Program the nurse clinician also:

  • Provides pre-admission assessments
  • Participates in the orientation of new staff and Veterans
  • Works with the team to advance service using evidence based/best practice research and Continuous Quality Improvement

Nursing team

The registered nurse (RN) and registered practical nurse (RPN) provide health care to Veterans in a residential setting.  Nurses provide care designed to achieve optimal health.

These services include:

  • Ongoing assessment and intervention based on the Veterans needs
  • Health promotion, counseling and case management

Occupational therapy team

The occupational therapy team assists Veterans whose ability to function independently has been challenged by accident, handicap, emotional problems or disease to develop or maintain life roles and activities.

The occupational therapist will use a variety of assessments and treatment techniques to address goals developed with the Veteran.

Interventions include:

  • Enabling Veterans to maintain or regain independence in daily living activities such as washing and dressing skills.
  • Maximizing Veterans mobility through the provision and training of mobility equipment such as wheelchairs and scooters.
  • Promoting a safe and meaningful residency for Veterans by providing specialized adaptive equipment, such as visual aids and air mattresses


The pharmacist reviews all patient medications orders upon admission or transfer for clinical appropriateness.  Key responsibilities include:

  • Providing comprehensive pharmaceutical care to all Veterans/caregivers
  • Documenting recommendations for drug therapy changes
  • Liaising with the Veteran's community pharmacy/pharmacist where appropriate
  • Providing drug information for Veterans, family members, and health care staff

Physiotherapy Team

The physiotherapy team assists Veterans with the management and prevention of physical problems caused by illness, disease, aging and inactivity. Upon admission the physiotherapist will complete an extensive assessment and then work with the Veteran to establish the goals of therapy. 

Depending on the Veteran’s needs, therapy is provided either on an individual basis or in a group setting.

A treatment program may consist of:

  • Exercises to improve movement, strength, flexibility, balance, mobility, cardio respiratory health and/or overall general health.
  • Pain management.


The psychologist leads program development initiatives that are relevant to the health and social care of the Veterans. The psychologist focuses on identifying and examining issues such as dementia care, pain management, end of life care, clinical practice guidelines and emergency management.

Registered dietitians

Registered dietitians provide Veterans with nutritional care which focuses on optimizing health and quality of life.

The dietitian is responsible for initial nutrition screening and assessment, developing a nutritional care plan and monitoring progress in meeting the resident’s nutrition goals.

Social work team

The social work team helps Veterans and their families cope with practical and emotional concerns that accompany hospital admission. Social work staff concentrate on helping Veterans and their family to pinpoint and understand any given situation and the difficulties those involved face.

A focus is identified, and with the help of a social worker and social work case aide everyone works together to strategize and develop a solution.

Speech-language pathologist

The speech language pathologist on the Veterans Care Program provides the following services:

  • Assessment, treatment, management and consultation to individuals with speech, language, cognitive-communication, voice and swallowing disorders
  • Counseling to patients/residents, their families and significant others
  • Consultation and education to team members, students, speech-language pathology colleagues and members of the community

Spiritual Care

Chaplains in the Veterans Care Program offer support to residents, family, and staff through individual consultation or various groups.  They also conduct memorial services and other rituals.

Chaplains collaborate with and are available to the interdisciplinary team to help bring spiritual issues into focus and foster an environment for quality holistic care.

Therapeutic recreation team

The therapeutic recreation team provides personalized services for all Veterans to maximize independent leisure functioning and enhance well-being. This approach facilitates the development, maintenance and expression of an appropriate and personally satisfying leisure lifestyle.

Through both group and individual intervention, the therapeutic recreation team provides opportunities for self-expression and enjoyment through participation in meaningful leisure activities. The goal of intervention is to enhance independence, to assist in acquiring new leisure skills and to rehabilitate leisure abilities.

Programming offered by the therapeutic recreation team may include: pet therapy, country drives, bingo, pubs, musical entertainment, shopping trips, restaurant outings, trips to Legions and cooking groups.

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