When one door closes

Rebecca Cantor selfie

Rebecca Cantor, Nurse Educator in Specialized Geriatrics Services can’t wait to see people’s smiling faces again. “Parkwood Institute is full of wonderful, friendly people! I miss seeing people smile as you pass them in the hall.”

Throughout the pandemic, Rebecca hasn’t seen the smiles but has seen staff go above and beyond the call of duty. “People are going out of their way to show their appreciation and gratitude for one another. Staff have adapted, stepping out of their roles to take on new challenges to meet the needs of those we serve.  It makes me incredibly proud to be a part of the team.”

Rebecca and her family have been very taxed by COVID-19, having to make some challenging decisions around childcare. “We have two children, ages six and nine. We decided fairly early that it would be in the best interest of our children for them to isolate at their grandmother’s house. It is so hard to be apart from each other.” Rebecca and her husband adapted by coming up with activities they could do while maintaining a safe distance. “Video chats and games have been a lifesaver. Fortunately, we have had some beautiful weather and have been able to go for bike rides and spend time together outdoors.”

Creative opportunities at home aren’t the only ones Rebecca has focused on. “A lot has changed since COVID-19,” she states. “Health care has been forced to look at different ways of providing care. Visiting restrictions, personal protective equipment conservation, and building capacity within the system have required us think outside the box. It has been inspiring to see how quickly we have been able to shift and implement initiatives like virtual care and family conferences. Many of these initiatives have been very successful and will lead to positive changes moving forward. 

Reminded of the phrase, “when one door closes, another door opens,” Rebecca has learned to appreciate a simpler lifestyle. “Before the pandemic, life was quite chaotic. We were always on the go, working full-time, many extra-curricular activities, laundry, shopping, cleaning. The pandemic has forced us to slow down, and appreciate quality time (and hugs!) with loved ones.”

Yet Rebecca looks forward to seeing some things return to their old ways. “I can’t wait to see those smiles again!”

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