You are making a difference against COVID-19

care provider wearing face shield mask

As the number of new cases continue to rise worldwide, the fight against the coronavirus (COVID-19) here in London and across Canada is more urgent than ever. But your support is helping St. Joseph's respond.

Your donation means funding for COVID-19-related research, patient equipment and comfort items for staff will be available where it’s needed, when it’s needed most.

As of May 27, the St. Joseph’s Health Crisis Fund has provided the following to the frontline of care across St. Joseph’s:

  • Provided seed funding for two clinical trial studies, one at St. Joseph’s Hospital focused on affected health care workers, and one at Parkwood focused on the elderly
  • Purchased 10 iPads and 4 Smartboards for St. Joseph’s Mount Hope Centre for Long Term Care’s Family Connection Program to enable residents to visit with families external to the Home and to support recreational programming
  • Purchased 10 iPads for the Mental Health Program at Parkwood Institute to facilitate family visits
  • Purchased 5 iPads for Parkwood Institute’s Rehabilitation program, again to facilitate family visits between patients and loved ones
  • Provided a SmartBoard for Parkwood’s Veterans Care Program to enable recreational programming in place of visiting performers
  • Provision of light refreshments and treats for healthcare workers daily across St. Joseph’s

Additional projects are currently being invited to ensure that care and comfort of both inpatients and residents, and our St. Joseph’s staff, is supported throughout the pandemic crisis.

We are truly grateful for your support – your donation matters here!

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