Your donation brightens lives in so many ways

a sustainable living wall full of plants

The healing power of nature

With mounting evidence of the benefits of plants to an individual’s physical and mental health, a beautiful living wall was installed at Mount Hope Centre for Long Term Care, thanks to donor support.

The sustainable living wall features three panels full of plant life and is a relaxing and welcoming focal point at the entrance to the facility. The project also includes a self-watering irrigation and drainage system for easy maintenance, making nature accessible to residents, visitors and staff throughout the year.

Keeping warm all winter long

Columbia Sportswear helped to address an often-overlooked need for some patients and residents during the cold winter months. They donated 23 coats, in different sizes, to people receiving in-patient and outpatient care at St. Joseph’s Mental Health Care Program.

A much-needed makeover

Patients and residents at Parkwood Institute can look and feel more like themselves and get a little pampering all in one place. A much-needed makeover of the main hair and barber salon created accessible space at Parkwood Hospital.

For residents who live with dementia, in particular, a visit to the salon can often be comforting. Conversations, shampoos, and lotions are helpful sensory cues triggering pleasant memories of being pampered. The confidence boost experienced by residents with a fresh haircut or new style is genuine, and donors made it all possible.

Staying on the cutting edge of surgical care

surgery in progress

As a leader in medical imaging and surgery, St. Joseph’s will be installing new C-Arm Fluoroscopy units thanks to support received from hundreds of donors this past year. The new equipment, which many surgical specialties depend on, produces continuous images in real time much like a high-resolution ‘x-ray movie’ – providing increased clarity and improved accuracy. The mobile units are used in a variety of diagnostic tests and surgical procedures enabling surgeons to monitor progress and lead intricate maneuvers.

The ultimate test

After spotting a problem, a breast biopsy is the ultimate test to diagnose or rule out breast cancer. This year, donors helped to fund new biopsy devices for the busy Breast Care Program. The new devices are lighter, more comfortable for patients, and offer increased accuracy.

Multifaith prayer room with stained glass window front

A dedicated space for prayer and reflection

People of all faiths now have a dedicated space to celebrate, reflect, and pray at Mount Hope Centre for Long Term Care. With the support, in part from a long-time St. Joseph’s donor family, a new multi-faith room now serves residents, their families and staff of all spiritual traditions.

A unique stained-glass window streams in the surrounding natural light while sharing appreciation for the care teams who provided extraordinary care to the residents at Mount Hope during the COVID-19 pandemic.

A safe assist

A new Aquam Pool Lift is sure to make a splash with patients and residents. Thanks to donor support, the new device will be used daily to safely assist individuals with mobility issues to get in and out of the pool for rehabilitation. Exercising in water is easy on the joints, and strengthens the body in a safe and comfortable environment. It also provides a sense of overall well-being and joy.

A man holds up a amaryllis plant

Winter blooms

As the Christmas season approached, residents at Parkwood Institute and Mount Hope Centre for Long Term Care were treated to a special gift that grows with time – literally. Heeman’s delivered 500 amaryllis bulbs to residents. Within a few weeks, residents were able to watch the bulbs bloom into radiant flowers in a variety of colours.

Emerging research

Graduate students, fellows and trainees are critical members of the research teams at Parkwood Research Institute. Their work supports clinical research leaders and explores challenging research questions in a wide variety of areas including mobility and ageing, stroke rehabilitation, spinal cord and Veterans care research. This year more than $120,000 from eight endowed funds supported studentship and fellowship positions, as well as a number of studies.

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