Your gifts funded new equipment for even better health outcomes

Medical equipment and technology play a critical role in enabling our teams to provide exceptional care. These are just some of the ways you impacted patients and residents across St. Joseph’s.

Enhancing Breast Cancer Screening for Early Diagnosis

woman getting a mammogram
Used together with mammography, the automated breast ultrasound can help pinpoint the presence of tumours in dense breast tissue.

When patients come to St. Joseph’s Norton and Lucille Wolf Breast Care Centre for suspected breast cancer, their first step is screening to confirm and pinpoint the presence of tumours. Your support helped purchase a new automated breast ultrasound that uses high frequency sound waves to produce crystal-clear 3-D images. Combined with mammography screening, this provides a comprehensive evaluation of dense breast tissue – helping to catch cancer at its earliest stage.

Bringing the Power of Movement to Residents in Long Term Care

two people using exercise machines
Mount Hope residents Pat Lucas and Thomas Wonnacott are using new donor-funded exercise equipment like NuStep machines to stay active.

Exercise benefits people at every age, from the young to the young at heart. For residents at Mount Hope, regular exercise plays an important role in maintaining their physical health and mental well-being. You helped fund specialized exercise equipment including wheelchair-accessible cycle trainers, NuStep machines and sit-to-stand trainers that are easily moved between care units so they can be shared by multiple residents every day.

thulium laser
The thulium laser is a small machine that makes a big impact in urological surgery outcomes.

Advancing Urology Surgery for Reduced Pain and Recovery Time

The right tools in the right hands makes all the difference in surgery outcomes. Your support enabled the purchase of a thulium laser – leading-edge technology that enables surgeons to perform precise incisions using fiber optic wavelengths. Used in non-invasive lithotripsy surgery to disintegrate kidney stones, as well as in the removal of bladder and kidney tumours, this game-changing equipment is leading to less pain and shorter recovery times for patients.

Breaking Down Barriers to Care

Virtual therapy youth Trish
Your support of new technology is helping people stay connected to their care providers.

It can be difficult for some people with mental illness toaccess care at the hospital due to distance, mobility and cost of transportation. Your kindness helped us purchase new tablets with video conferencing apps for St. Joseph’s Assertive Community Treatment (ACT) teams who provide community-based mental health care to people across Southwestern Ontario. The new technology is used every day to connect patients with care providers to ensure they get the care they need from where they are.

Sleeping Easier Thanks to You

care provider with patient
Seen here with Occupational Therapist Leslie Kirley, Lou Kreamer, a resident in the Veterans Care Program, uses a specialty mattress to rest safely.

If you’ve ever spent a night in the hospital, you know it can be difficult to get a good night’s sleep – critical for recovery and well-being. In 2021, this community came together through the annual Season of Celebration campaign to replace dozens of height-adjustable beds and pressure-reducing specialty mattresses across St. Joseph’s caregiving sites – ensuring that patients and residents are safe and comfortable while counting sheep.

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