Rheumatology Centre - How To Access

Patients require a referral form a family physician or specialist to be seen at the Rheumatology Centre.

Information for Referring Physicians

The rheumatologists at St. Joseph’s Health Care London all see general rheumatology referrals.  We appreciate you providing us detailed information regarding your patient’s symptoms. Screening rheumatology immunology labs (eg. ANA/RF) are not necessary unless clinically indicated. 

In order to provide exceptional care to your patients we:

  • fast-track urgent referrals
  • internally redistribute referrals to meet with various subspecialty expertise (see below) and to ensure timely booking of referrals
  • offer subspecialty clinics (early rheumatoid arthritis, lupus, scleroderma, vasculitis, myositis, osteoarthritis) as well as multidisciplinary clinics (myositis, vasculitis)
  • conduct research and clinical trials to provide innovative and accessible patient care
  • inject joints, and tendonitis, bursitis

Please note that we do not see fibromyalgia, mechanical back pain, chronic non-inflammatory pain.

Referral forms

If your referral is for inflammatory arthritis, please use the Rheumatology Centre referral form.

If your referral is to the interdisciplinary vasculitis clinic, please use the Vasculitis Clinic referral form.

(List of Rheumatologists, expertise and fax numbers for referral.)
Rheumatologist Fax Expertise
Tom Appleton 519 646-6406 Early knee OA, general rheumatology
Lillian Barra 519 646-6072 Vasculitis
Pari Basharat 519 646-6305 Myositis, general rheumatology
Tristan Boyd 519 646-6118 Psoriatic arthritis, ankylosing spondylitis, general rheumatology
Sara Haig 519 646-6407 General Rheumatology
Janet Pope 519 646-6334 Scleroderma, SLE, early RA, general rheumatology
Gina Rohekar 519 646-6348 General rheumatology
Sherry Rohekar 519 646-6221 Psoriatic arthritis, ankylosing spondylitis, general rheumatology

To refer a patient to the interdisciplinary vasculitis clinic: please complete and fax referral to 519-646-6072. If patient is an inpatient or requires urgent assessment, please contact the Rheumatology Clinic at 519 646-6100 ext. 66333.