Aging Brain and Memory Clinic - Services

What does an assessment include? 

Our team will speak with you and your caregiver (with your permission) and ask questions about your memory. We will ask about any changes you or others have noticed in your ability to remember things. We may also ask how you are doing with daily tasks such as cooking and driving.  

We will look at your medical history and will review medications you are on. Please bring a full list of medications you are taking. This should include prescription medications and any herbal medications or supplements.  

The initial assessment appointment will take at least two hours and may be longer, depending on your unique care needs. 

Physical and neurological exam

Our care team will complete a physical and neurological exam to see how your brain and body work together.   

Memory testing

You may be asked to complete one or more memory tests while in our clinic. This may include tests such as the Montreal Cognitive Assessment. The results from your tests may help the team determine your diagnosis.   

Diagnosis and treatment

Our care team will go over any potential diagnosis with you and what we recommend for treatment options. Treatment options will depend on your diagnosis, but most often includes management of the symptoms of dementia and through education, medication(s) and counseling. 

We may also provide patients a referral to resources and services for family support and education such as the Alzheimer Outreach Services, psychiatry, Day Hospital and care in the community. 

Follow-up and case management 

Patients, you may be followed-up for care by our specialists, which may include our nurse practitioner, or by your family physician as needed.