Specialized Geriatric Services - Contact Details

Phone number
519 685-4000 ext. 44028
Fax number
519 685-4020

Parkwood Institute

Main Building and Mental Health Care Building
550 Wellington Rd,
London, ON N6C 5J1

Programs and services offered by SGS are located at the following sites and can be accessed through our outpatient intake and triage (Geriatric Ambulatory Access Team) or our inpatient intake (Parkwood Access Office).

St. Joseph's Health Care London  

Parkwood lnstitute
550 Wellington Road
London, Ontario  
N6C 0A7    

St. Joseph's Hospital
268 Grosvenor Street
London, Ontario
N6A 4V2  

London Health Sciences Centre

Victoria Hospital
800 Commissioners Road East
London, Ontario
N6A 5W9

University Hospital
339 Windermere Road
London, Ontario
N6A 5A5