Community Stroke Rehabilitation Team - Care Team

Collaborating with service providers in our community

Our team members work with service providers in our community to make sure you have the therapy, education and support you need to reach your potential.

We use special assessments for people who have had a stroke and combine these with information you, your family members and other health care professionals provide to us.

We also make recommendations about healthy living to help reduce your chance of having another stroke or serious health problem.

Specialized Community Stroke Rehabilitation Teams

Our team consists of registered nurses, physiotherapists, occupational therapists, social workers, speech language pathologists, therapeutic recreational specialist and rehabilitation assistants.  

  • Registered Nurse – Helps address questions about your health and how to prevent another stroke. Reviews your medications and can help keep your doctor updated.
  • Physiotherapist – Helps you to improve strength, flexibility and balance so you can move better.
  • Occupational Therapist – Finds ways to make it easier for you to do daily self care such as dressing, using the bathroom and cooking. Also find ways to address organization, memory and vision concerns.
  • Speech Language Pathologist – Helps you address any concerns with communication and speaking and helps with problems swallowing.
  • Social Worker – Provides you and your family with counselling to help everyone cope better and adjust to the changes you have experienced since your stroke.
  • Therapeutic Recreation Specialist – Helps you identify and participate in leisure activities that you enjoy and you can do in your community.
  • Rehabilitation Assistant – Works closely with you to implement the programs recommended/prescribed by the other health care professionals.