Community Stroke Rehabilitation Team - How To Access

Important admission criteria for this program

The following are admission criteria:

  • Clients are adult stroke survivors with rehabilitation needs
  • Client must be a resident of Elgin, Middlesex, Oxford, SW Norfolk, Huron, Perth, Bruce and parts of Grey counties
  • Client needs are best met by specialized stroke rehabilitation services in the community
  • Client consents and is motivated to participate in the program
  • Client must be medically stable and have sufficient endurance to participate in various therapies
  • Client exhibits potential for functional improvement
  • Client has achievable rehabilitation goals

Determining service priorities

Priority for service will be determined base on the following guidelines:

  • Onset to three months
  • Long Term Care resident with identified potential to go home
  • Others to be assessed on a case by case basis based on availability of resources

The teams have been designed to offer rehabilitation in the community for stroke survivors who have on-going rehabilitation needs.

The teams, consisting of nursing, physical therapy, occupational therapy, speech language pathology, social work, recreation therapy and rehabilitation therapy will provide direct patient care in the most appropriate setting, offer secondary prevention, system navigation and community re-integration, as well as caregiver support.

Consultation and education will be available as requested by service providers.