Veterans Care: Operational Stress Injury Clinic - Care Team

Leaders in innovation and research

St. Joseph’s OSI Clinic team is specially trained to assess and treat OSIs. They have extensive experience in treating military personnel and are leaders in research and innovation in the field of military mental health. 

The team includes psychiatrists, psychologists, nurses, nurse practitioners, social workers and a family physician. Clients and families have access to individualized treatment services from team members based on their needs. The OSI Clinic is part of St. Joseph’s Veterans Care Program, which includes more than 150 residential beds for veterans.

The program also includes art therapists, music therapists, dietitians and therapeutic recreation staff. Psychiatric care is provided to our older veterans in collaboration with the Parkwood Institute geriatric psychiatry program.

Leaders in mental health care, treatment and research

Along with the OSI Clinic, St. Joseph’s is home to some of Canada’s premier leaders in mental health care, treatment and research. The organization’s mental health programs include a 150 inpatient specialized mental health care facility sited at Parkwood Institute and the 89 bed Southwest Centre for Forensic Mental Health Care, located in St. Thomas, Ontario.

Combined, these two sites also care for patients through more than 198,000 outpatient visits.  

Through this partnership, OSI Clinic clients have access to the latest treatment technology, such as repetitive transcranial magnetic stimulation (rTMS). 

Zero Suicide initiative

St. Joseph’s has also embarked on a Zero Suicide initiative, the first of its kind in Canada, and OSI Clinic clients can directly benefit from this work. Zero Suicide is a system-wide quality improvement initiative that sets a bold goal of reducing suicides and attempted suicides by wrapping care around the individual so that fewer people fall through gaps in their care journey. In this way, Zero Suicide will help to create safe bridges in transitions of care.

Road to Mental Readiness (R2MR) RCMP “O” Division

In 2016, the OSI Clinic team supported the national roll-out of the Road to Mental Readiness (R2MR) initiative with RCMP O Division. This was done in partnership with the RCMP, Department of National Defense and Mental Health Directorate.

Our team provided 64 training sessions with 1,164 RCMP “O” Division members.