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The Stroke Rehabilitation Program at Parkwood Institute includes three programs. Click on each program link to learn more.: Stroke/Neurological Rehabilitation Program Comprehensive Outpatient Rehabilitation Program (CORP) Community Stroke Rehabilitation Team To learn more about what to do if you...


St. Joseph’s Hospital is a unique ambulatory hospital that specializes in minimally invasive, same day and short stay surgery. We also provide our patients with comprehensive assessment, diagnosis and follow- up care. Our state-of-the art operating rooms are supported by expert teams ensuring...

International hero touches down in London for St. Joseph’s Tribute Dinner

Ambassador ‘Sully’ Sullenberger, the pilot behind the Miracle on the Hudson, is the featured guest at St. Joseph’s Health Care Foundation fundraiser

From international hero and serving as the inspiration behind a Hollywood movie to being the featured guest speaker at St. Joseph’s Health Care Foundation’s largest fundraising event, Ambassador ‘Sully’ Sullenberger will take the stage at RBC Place London on Friday, October 20 for Tribute Dinner 2023.

In 2009, Ambassador Sullenberger captured international headlines when he safely guided a US Airways jetliner to an emergency landing on the frigid Hudson River in 208 seconds, saving all 155 passengers and crew on board. Sullenberger will share his story of dedication, hope and preparedness, revealing the important lessons he learned in life, in his military service and as an airline pilot.

As part of the evening’s theme of ‘Celebrating Community Heroism – 20 years or 208 seconds’, St. Joseph’s will pay tribute to Kim and Paul Spriet for their 20-year commitment to the work of St. Joseph’s Ivey Eye Institute. For two decades, Kim spearheaded the successful Run for Retina Research event, raising more than $650,000. 

Proceeds from the event will support care, teaching and research at St. Joseph’s Health Care London.

“We are so pleased to be back in person and celebrating local heroes and philanthropists Kim and Paul Spriet for their dedication and commitment to the care provided at St. Joseph’s Ivey Eye Institute,” says Michelle Campbell, President and CEO of St. Joseph’s Health Care Foundation. “Sully’s lived experience and the remarkable story of the Miracle on the Hudson exemplifies the values of community heroism that Tribute has historically honoured.”

6:40 pm - Opening Remarks
6:53 pm - Tribute to Kim and Paul Spriet
8:20 pm - Welcome and introduction of Ambassador Sully Sullenberger

Please note – Ambassador Sullenberger’s media availability is limited. The media can attend Sullenberger’s presentation and record the first three minutes for b-roll footage only. There will be no other recording permitted. Still photos are permitted for the first five to ten minutes of his presentation only.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact St. Joseph’s Health Care Foundation.


For more information:
Teresinha Medeiros
Marketing and Communications Officer
519 646-6100 ext. 65449

St. Joseph’s Health Care Foundation gathers, grows and grants philanthropic funds to enable St. Joseph’s Health Care London to pursue excellence in care, teaching and research. Through donor support, the foundation contributes to advances in the delivery of patient care, specialized equipment, research initiatives and capital funds at St. Joseph’s Hospital, Parkwood Institute, Mount Hope Centre for Long Term Care, Southwest Centre for Forensic Mental Health Care and Lawson Health Research Institute. As one of the largest charitable organizations in Southwestern Ontario, St. Joseph’s Health Care Foundation is an accredited member of Imagine Canada’s Ethical Trustmark Program, which recognizes the foundation’s commitment to ethical fundraising and donor accountability.

Knowledge, support and sisterhood – the power of BRA Day

Breast Reconstruction Awareness Day at St. Joseph’s Hospital on Oct. 25 is a special event that allows women to learn about their options, see results first hand, and feel empowered by the experience of others.

London, Ontario - It’s so much more than people at a podium. Those who attend Breast Reconstruction Awareness (BRA) Day at St. Joseph’s Hospital will be immersed in a sisterhood of support and a sense of community like no other. And they will leave with knowledge gained directly from experts on the frontlines of care, and those who have been through it all.

This is the power of BRA Day hosted by St. Joseph’s Breast Care Program, which returns to in person event after a three-year pause during the pandemic.

“We want patients to walk away from this event feeling a little less alone and empowered regarding their options,” says Dr. Tanya DeLyzer, a plastic surgeon who will be among the presenters at BRA Day. “When they leave, we hope they have the information they need to help them with the difficult decisions ahead.”

BRA Day is a national campaign to promote education, awareness and access for women who may wish to consider breast reconstruction post-mastectomy. In particular, it is geared to women considering prophylactic mastectomy, those who have already had their mastectomy and are seeking delayed reconstruction, and women with an active diagnosis of breast cancer and awaiting treatment. They are welcome to bring loved ones and caregivers.

Those who attend will learn about the various breast reconstruction options from St. Joseph’s surgeons and can view real results first hand in the women’s only ‘show and tell’ lounge where 20 women “models” have volunteered to share their experience - and outcomes - with breast reconstruction. Attendees will also discover the “Circle of Sharing”, a unique support group for women who have undergone breast reconstruction.

"The models, volunteers and staff are very committed to BRA Day,” says Gillian Milcz, nurse navigator with St. Joseph’s Breast Care Program. “A sense of camaraderie, comfort and empowerment emanates from the Show and Tell Lounge as individuals explore opportunities for breast reconstruction. There is nothing more powerful than the experiences of those who have walked before you."

Dr. DeLyzer will be joined by Dr. Sarah Appleton, Dr. Sarah Knowles and Dr. Aaron Grant - all members of the Breast Care Program’s surgical team - in talking about reconstruction as well as non-reconstruction and alternative options.

“I participate in this event because I believe it is important for women to understand the options available,” says Dr. DeLyzer. “Each patient has unique options available to them, and gaining information around the choices is empowering and helps them make the best decisions for them.”

Being among other patients and meeting the nurses and surgeons who may be involved in their care is also integral to BRA Day, says Dr. Knowles, Medical Director of St. Joseph’s Breast Care Program.

Exhibitors, she says, add to the information provided by the surgeons and former patients, providing resources on everything from nipple tattooing to physiotherapy and options for prosthesis.

“There are so many resources outside of what we offer that are valuable to patients,” says Dr. Knowles.

Women who attend BRA Day “have been through so much and the options for breast reconstruction can be overwhelming,” adds Dr. DeLyzer. “It’s important to be able to receive information first-hand, ask questions and be connected to community and resources.”

BRA Day on Oct. 25 at St. Joseph’s Hospital is free but registration is required. Exhibits open at 6 pm with speakers starting at 7:00 pm, followed by the opportunity to visit the show-and-tell lounge. Learn more on St. Joseph’s website.

For more information or to arrange interviews, please contact:

Dahlia Reich, Communication Consultant

St. Joseph’s Health Care London

519 646-6100 ext. 65294, Cell: 519 619-0971


About St. Joseph’s Health Care London Renowned for compassionate care, St. Joseph’s Health Care London is a leading academic health care centre in Canada dedicated to helping people live to their fullest by minimizing the effects of injury, disease and disability through excellence in care, teaching and research. Through partnership with Lawson Health Research Institute and our collaborative engagement with other health care and academic partners, St. Joseph’s has become an international leader in the areas of chronic disease management; medical imaging; specialized mental health care; rehabilitation and specialized geriatrics; and surgery. St. Joseph’s operates through a wide range of hospital, clinic and long-term and community-based settings, including: St. Joseph’s Hospital; Parkwood Institute; Mount Hope Centre for Long Term Care; and the Southwest Centre for Forensic Mental Health Care.

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Changing the course of breast care

Ten years ago, Lucille and the late Norton Wolf contributed more than $1 million to create a consolidated breast care centre at St. Joseph’s, and today their gift continues to make a difference to people.

“Your generous gift is an investment in the future of countless people…the patients of the Breast Care Centre and in the lives of all the people who care about them, people you do not know personally, but people whose lives will forever be positively affected by your gift.”

Upon hearing this heartfelt message from a breast care patient, the normally reserved Norton Wolf became emotional.

Standing beside his wife Lucille, and with his sister and children surrounding him, it was a poignant moment in 2013. On that day, the Wolf family had come together with patients, care providers, volunteers and community leaders to celebrate the opening of St. Joseph’s new Norton and Lucille Wolf Breast Care Centre

“It’s hard to believe that was 10 years ago,” says Michelle Campbell, President & CEO, St. Joseph’s Health Care Foundation. “Lucille and Norton both became very attached to the work of the Centre. They wanted to leave their mark on the London community, and this was the project through which they chose to do that.”

It was in the fall of 2010 that St. Joseph’s made the decision to consolidate breast care services. The idea behind the move was to offer comprehensive breast imaging, from diagnosis to treatment to post-operative and care services in one location to improve patient access and clinical coordination. It eliminated the need for return visits and waiting weeks or months to have all diagnostic procedures completed. 

A donation of $1.1 million from the Wolf family paved the way for the creation of the consolidated Centre.

Crowd of people cheering at the grand opening of the Norton and Lucille Wolf Breast Care Centre
St. Joseph’s staff erupt in cheer at the grand opening of the Norton and Lucille Wolf Breast Care Centre.

The Norton and Lucille Wolf Breast Care Centre has name recognition across Canada for its innovative work in breast imaging and care,” Michelle adds. “Lucille and Norton and their family started something very special here with their personal philanthropy and we remain so grateful to them for that leadership.”

A decade later, the Centre continues to lead the way regionally and nationally in providing comprehensive breast care to people. Since its opening, more than 240,000 patient visits have been provided. 

Dr. Sarah Knowles, Medical Director of St. Joseph’s Breast Care Program, housed in the Centre, says that the combination of incredibly devoted staff, the newest technology and equipment, research, plus a focus on trainees makes a difference in the care provided and the outcome for patients. 

“Our staff, from radiologists, technologists, nurses, surgeons, and clerical staff are dedicated to our patient-centered approach,” she says. “We have a great staff working here, some of them are world experts and that attracts the best of the best people to work here.”

Norton and Lucille’s daughter, Karen Leitner, recalls the day with great pride. And she remembers the positive atmosphere and the warmth she felt during the announcement event. 

“I feel really proud of my parents and I know my siblings do also,” she says. “My parents believed in giving back to the community.”

“My dad loved to help people and he loved hearing people’s stories,” says Karen. “During our visit to the Centre, we came away with the impression that staff really cared and that patients felt confident they were receiving the best care possible.”

Karen says that her family’s dedication to philanthropy in London dates back more than fifty years. And while the people who receive care at the Centre may not know the Wolf family, what truly matters is how they feel and that their care is enriched. 

Looking to the future, once again, St. Joseph’s will be investing in a new generation of breast imaging equipment for the Centre to serve the people in their care. Through community support, St. Joseph’s Health Care Foundation is raising $5 million to purchase this game-changing equipment needed to detect and diagnose breast cancer faster. Updating equipment such as 3D Mammography systems, new ultrasound units and biopsy systems will provide the very best care experience for patients as they undergo breast screening and assessment.

Norton and Lucille Wolf with their donor plaque in the Breast Care Centre
Norton and Lucille Wolf standing beside their donor storyboard located inside the Norton and Lucille Wolf Breast Care Centre.

Transitional and Lifelong Care

The TLC program at St. Joseph's Health Care London The TLC program provides care to adolescents and adults (15 years of age or older) from Southwestern Ontario who have special health and rehabilitative needs related to a condition of childhood onset. This includes people with: Cerebral palsy Spina...

Urgent Care Centre

Hours: Monday to Friday, 8 am – 6 pm. Saturday, Sunday and holidays, 8 am – 4 pm. Please be aware that our hours are subject to change. In the event that we are experiencing extremely high volumes, this may require us to stop accepting patients prior to scheduled closing time. In that circumstance...


contact us Urology is a surgical specialty which deals with diseases of the male and female urinary tract and the male reproductive organs. When a potential abnormality is found, patients can be referred to a Urologist at the Urology Clinic at St. Joseph’s Hospital by their primary care provider...