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Our areas of research and treatment development focus on diseases and conditions that affect mobility and activity.
What is Mobility?
Mobility describes the movement of a person’s body. How mobile we are affects how we interact with the world and the activities we do in our daily life. Activities from getting out of bed or walking up stairs, to gardening or taking walks in a park. Mobility is a precious gift that can be taken away by injury, illness and/or age. The loss of mobility can seriously harm a person’s quality of life.
a patient wearing a mobility exoskeleton, holding a walker, supported by a physiotherapist standing behind her and another physiotherapist in front of her
Our Mobility Experts

Some of Canada's top mobility clinicians, researchers and educators are part of The Gray Centre. You could be too.  

teenaged patient walking with a walker surrounded by mobility staff
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Watch Paul walk again and see how the work happening at The Gray Centre is improving care and treatment for people like Paul.  

A patient leaves Parkwood Institute with his physiotherapists holding signs that cheer him on
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an event announcement about a panel discussion on using technology to support recovery after a stroke, featuring Dr. Robert Teasell