Mobility and Activity

What is Mobility?

Mobility is our ability to freely and normally move our body. Our mobility dictates how we interact with the world and how we can do all the activities of daily living that we enjoy. Unfortunately, our mobility can be comprised through trauma, disease and/or degeneration, limiting our ability to move and enjoy life to the fullest.

The Gray Centre for Mobility and Activity supports individuals with various diseases and conditions affecting mobility by developing the latest rehabilitation interventions and treatments through research, teaching and partnership. Our goal is for all people to live life fully, no matter the health conditions they face because we were Born to Move

 Mobility Assessment 

Utilizing leading-edge technology, we will discover and implement evidence-based assessments of multiple components of human mobility such as strength, balance, joint motion, and the complex interactions between brain and body as well as wheelchair mobility. We will become global leaders in better understanding the factors that impact mobility for diverse patient groups and lead the way in defining better care for people with mobility problems. This approach will be embedded within our inpatient and outpatient clinical programs. 

Mobility Intervention 

We will develop treatment and exercise strategies that maximize mobility and activity for patients. We will discover the specific factors that we can improve with targeted rehabilitation interventions to maintain and improve mobility for specific patient needs and goals, with a focus on including the patient and caregivers. We will share our approaches and discoveries with our partners in London and Southwestern Ontario, as well as other members of the Canadian and International mobility community.