Smoke Free

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As health care providers, we know the burden of smoking - the costs to people and the impact on our health care system. It is because of our commitment to providing a healthy environment for those who receive care, work in and visit our facilities that we are a smoke-free organization.

What does smoke-free mean?

Smoke-free means patients, staff, families and visitors are not permitted to smoke anywhere in the building, on hospital grounds or in parking garages. Those who wish to smoke need to do so off the property. View the site maps with designated property lines:

If staff, patients or residents choose to stop smoking, we offer support and access to treatment options, and a smoke-free environment for people struggling with various stages of tobacco addiction.

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Controlled Smoking Area (CSA)

The only exception to the smoke-free policy is for in-patient veterans in the Western Counties Wing at Parkwood Institute. When the Smoke-Free Ontario Act came into effect in May 2006, veterans who smoke were granted an exemption and were permitted to smoke indoors in a controlled smoking area (CSA). We will continue to honour that exemption by allowing these veterans to continue smoking in the CSA only.

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