Veterans Care: Operational Stress Injury Clinic

The Operational Stress Injury Clinic (OSI) in Parkwood Institute's Arthur J. Hobbins Building is a specialized mental health service for Veterans, members of the Canadian Armed Forces, and eligible members of the RCMP who are encountering ongoing difficulties as a result of service related psychological injury and traumatic events. The OSI helps people improve their health and minimize the effects of operational stress injuries through assessment, treatment, research, and education.

We work with our clients and partners to build capacity in the health care system in order to understand and address issues related to operational stress injuries. The clinic offers specialized assessment and treatment provided by an interdisciplinary team of psychiatrists, physicians, psychologists, social workers, and nurses.

Available services include:

  • Psychological, psychosocial, and psychiatric assessments
  • Psychotherapy and counseling
  • Group therapy and skills training (anger, pain, stress management)
  • Medication treatment
  • Relationship and family counseling
  • Education for individuals, family members, and other health care providers
  • Referrals to other specialized services and links to community support
  • Consultation and education to community professionals

The OSIC collaborates with other health care providers and services to ensure that care is comprehensive and coordinated.

What can you expect?

  • A thorough assessment and review of prior treatment to determine your needs.
  • Involvement with the OSI clinical team in setting goals and treatment decisions.
  • OSI clinicians offer active treatment and follow-up for as long as you need.

To seek help and access services

  • Veterans and their families can contact:
    Veterans Affairs Canada at 1-866-522-2122
  • Still-serving Canadian Forces members can contact their Base Medical Officer
  • RCMP personnel can contact an RCMP medical doctor for a referral to an OSI Clinic


In accordance with the Personal Health Information Protection Act (PHIPA), St. Joseph’s Health Care London is committed to keeping your personal and health information safe and confidential.

Accordingly, you can also request access to your personal health information.

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