Veterans Care: Operational Stress Injury Clinic

Established in 2003, St. Joseph’s Health Care London’s Operational Stress Injury Clinic (St. Joseph’s OSI Clinic) is one of ten outpatient clinics within the Canadian Operational Stress Injury National Network

Who we serve 

St. Joseph’s OSI Clinic provides specialized mental health services to:

  • veterans;
  • currently serving members of the Canadian Forces and;
  • eligible members of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police

who are experiencing mental health challenges as a result of their operational services. The clinic also provides supportive services to clients’ families in support of their loved one’s recovery. 

Watch a client's story:

Our sites

St. Joseph’s OSI Clinic is located at Parkwood Institute in London, Ontario and satellite clinics are located in Toronto and Hamilton. The satellite clinics offer a variety of assessment and treatment services. An access point for assessment has also been established in partnership with the University of Waterloo. St. Joseph’s OSI Clinic provides service across Ontario to those living in:

  • Southwestern Ontario
  • the Greater Toronto Area
  • Hamilton and Niagara
  • portions of Northern and Western Ontario

Treatment and services

At St. Joseph’s OSI Clinic we treat operational stress injuries through individual therapy, group therapy, medication, couples and/or family counseling, and education. Treatment methods are based on the latest scientific knowledge (also known as evidence-based) to improve mental health and are tailored to meet the needs of each individual. In partnership with the care team, client's set goals for their treatment and recovery.

Services at St. Joseph’s OSI Clinic include:

  • Psychological, psychosocial and psychiatric assessments
  • Individual therapy and counseling
  • Group therapy and skills training
  • Medication treatment
  • Couples therapy and family counseling
  • Education for individuals, family members and other health care providers
  • Referrals to other specialized services and links to community support
  • Consultation and education for community professionals

St. Joseph’s OSI Clinic collaborates with other health care providers and services to ensure care is comprehensive and coordinated.

Programs and services are fully funded by Veterans Affairs Canada.

How to access our services

Access to assessment and treatment services is by referral only.

  • Veterans and their families can contact VAC at 1-866-522-2122 or speak directly with their VAC Case Manager to obtain a referral.
  •  Still-serving Canadian Forces members can contact their Base Medical Officer.
  • RCMP personnel can contact the Health Services Office of the RCMP for a referral to the OSI Clinic.

If you are in crisis or need immediate assistance for a mental health concern, please go to your nearest hospital emergency department.

VAC Assistance Service:
24 hours a day, 365 days a year. This is not an emergency service but it will allow you to speak immediately to someone who knows how to listen.

Phone: 1-800-268-7708
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