Amputee Rehabilitation Program - What To Expect

Amputee rehabilitation program: overview of inpatient stay

Most people stay in hospital in the amputee program for three to four weeks. While in hospital different team members will work with you each day. You will have time to yourself as well. We suggest friends visit when you are not busy. Family caregivers are welcome to attend scheduled sessions with you. (This is especially useful if they will be helping you at home.)

Appointments with the amputee team members are scheduled Monday to Friday. People are expected to go home on the weekends. You may not take your artificial limb home with you on the weekend at first. As your skills and your skin's tolerance to the artificial limb improve, we will expect you to use it at home.

Our amputee program works with different firms who make artificial limbs. They come to the hospital two times a week for "gait rounds." In rounds, the team will discuss adjustments needed for your artificial limb. 

Before leaving the hospital

Before you leave the hospital, you and your family caregiver may meet with the team to discuss your progress and questions or concerns you have. This can be arranged by the social worker, if necessary. Additional follow-up services and community care will be arranged by the team, if necessary, before you are discharged.

An amputee clinic appointment will be booked for you approximately 6 weeks after discharge. At this appointment the amputee team will discuss how things are going for you at home with your artificial limb. The amputee team will see you at the clinic on a regular basis after the first appointment.