Medical Imaging

A medical imaging technologist comforts a patient undergoing a CT scan.

Medical imaging at St. Joseph's Health Care London is a key service of our organization, supporting and providing patient care using equipment and techniques that are at the technological forefront of diagnostic imaging and intervention. 

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A key service of our organization

As an outpatient service that supports a variety of hospital-based programs and community partners, we are located in several locations at St. Joseph’s Hospital and Parkwood Institute Main Building, including:

  • Diagnostic Imaging Centre at St. Joseph’s Hospital, in Zone C, Level 0, Room C0-200
  • Nuclear Medicine and MRI at St. Joseph’s Hospital, in Zone B, Level 5, Room B5-204
  • Norton and Lucille Wolf Breast Care Centre at St. Joseph’s Hospital, in Zone D, Level 1, Room D1-112
  • Parkwood Institute Diagnostic Imaging at Parkwood Institute Main Building, Room 2-219

Accessing your images through PocketHealth

To provide patients with easy access to their medical images, St. Joseph’s has partnered with PocketHealth.

PocketHealth is a service that allows patients to access their images online and share them with others.

How it works:
  • Patients who choose to enrol with PocketHealth will have their images stored permanently and readily accessible at any time, from any device. There is a $5.00 + HST fee paid to PocketHealth to have all of your images at St. Joseph’s stored with PocketHealth, as well as any additional exams over the two weeks after enrolling.  (Please Note: Radiology reports and ultrasound images are not included at this time.)
  • Patients are notified of new images, which can be added to their account. After the initial two-week period, there is a $5.00 + HST fee to store new images.
  • Please see the pocket health website for privacy rules.

To learn more and to enroll, visit