Mount Hope Centre for Long Term Care - Contact Details

Phone number
519 646-6100, ext. 65455

Mount Hope Centre for Long Term Care

21 Grosvenor Street
London, Ontario   N6A 1Y6
Phone: 519 646-6100

Sandy Jansen
Vice President of Patient Care and Risk Management
519-646-6100, ext. 64180

Tanya Pol
Executive Director
519-646-6100, ext. 65395

Leah Normandin
Director of Care
519-646-6100, ext. 65287

Amber Woods
Infection Prevention and Control Lead
519-646-6100, ext. 64413

For tours or additional information about our home, please contact our
Resident and Family Liaison
519-646-6100, ext. 65455

Ministry of Long-Term Care: Long-Term Care Action Line

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