Mount Hope Centre for Long Term Care

Our rich history of care

Mount Hope Centre for Long Term Care can trace its rich history of caring back to 1869 when the Sisters of St. Joseph founded the original Mount Hope. Today, the Centre (formerly St. Mary’s and Marian Villa) is home to 394 residents, representing a variety of cultures, beliefs, and ages.

While creating a home-like environment, Mount Hope is known for providing comprehensive long term care. There is a personalized program for each resident, encouraging participation in varied activities such as art therapy, gardening, local trips and sports activities.

Virtual tour of Mount Hope

View a virtual tour of Mount Hope created by the South West Community Care Access Centre:

Mount Hope Resident Wandering System

Mount Hope has a resident wandering system to keep residents safe. Residents at risk of wandering wear a special bracelet which sets off an alarm if they are near a “secured” door that is open.

When you visit Mount Hope, if you are near a door when the alarm goes off, please do not open the door. A staff member will arrive shortly to cancel the alarm and re-open the door.

Philosophy of care

The philosophy of care is centered on the needs of the individual and focused on enhancing independence, choice and personal wellness for the residents who live at Mount Hope. Interdisciplinary teams work with residents to promote both individual well-being and positive group dynamics in this shared living environment.

Mount Hope's philosophy of care is built on the following principles:

  • resident-focused care: emphasizing privacy and maximizing resident independence and choice;
  • creating a home-like environment;
  • providing opportunities for residents to enjoy activities they engaged in prior to moving to Mount Hope;
  • encouraging residents to enjoy the out-of-doors and be involved in the community