Emergency Preparedness

St. Joseph’s has an emergency management program in place to prevent, mitigate, prepare for, respond to and recover from emergencies. Emergencies are unforeseen situations that demand prompt, coordinated actions that exceed normal procedures. St. Joseph’s goal is ensure the safety of individuals, limit damage to property and reduce any impacts on hospital operations.

An emergency code is a notification of an event that requires immediate action. At St. Joseph's, each emergency code is identified by a standardized colour, set by the Ontario Hospital Association, to allow for uniformity among hospitals. This also facilitates the translation of essential information to the responding code teams to ensure optimal response.

How are emergency codes called?

The extension 55555 is the hospital’s emergency telephone number.
In the case of an emergency, dial 55555 from any internal hospital phone and state your location and describe your emergency.

If you dial from a personal cell phone, ensure you provide the following:

  • Situation and/or emergency code
  • Site location, building/zone, level, and room number
  • Common name of your area, unit or department

Urgent and non-emergency situations can be reported to Security Services by calling the hospital extension 44555.

Emergency Code Names

GREEN Evacuation - Code Green Procedure
RED Fire - Code Red Procedure
BROWN Hazardous Chemical Spill - Code Brown Procedure
BLACK Bomb Threat/Suspicious Object - Code Black Procedure
GREY Critical Infrastructure Failure - Code Grey Procedure
ORANGE External Disaster - Code Orange Procedure
YELLOW Missing Person - Code Yellow Procedure
WHITE Violent Person - Code White Procedure
PURPLE Hosting Taking - Code Purple Procedure
SILVER Person with a weapon - Code Silver Procedure
BLUE Adult Medical Emergency
    •  Code Blue Procedure: Acute site
    •  Code Blue Procedure: Non-acute site
PINK Pediatric Medical Emergency - Code Pink Procedure

In case of an emergency, call 55555

Download the above chart as a printable Emergency Code Names pdf

Emergency Response Resources

One-page guides

Emergency Response Quick Reference

Emergency Colour Code Handbook


Fire Procedure - How to REACT

Instructions for other
emergency situations

Severe Weather Procedure

Evacuating Patients - How to deploy an evacusled

Code Critical Incident Procedure

Forms to use after codes have been called

Code White Drill Form (coming soon)

Code Red Table Talk Fire Drill Report Form

Code Blue Drill Form

Code Incident Debrief Form


Emergency Management Structure (coming soon)

Emergency Management Committee Terms of Reference

Emergency Management Fan-out Response Procedure

IMS Roles and Responsibilities

Contact St. Joseph's Emergency Management:

Peter Kreis, Emergency Management and Risk Specialist

Phone: 519 646-6100 ext. 64267