Temporary Disruptions

To assist you with your visit, please view and note any construction or temporary disruptions that are currently taking place throughout our various hospital sites.

Mount Hope Centre for Long Term Care

Main entrance

  • The Mount Hope Centre for Long Term Care courtyard upper deck renovation is nearing completion. The final stage requires window film to be applied within the auditorium. This task requires a motorized lift, which must enter through the main doors at Mount Hope where all staff, residents and visitors are being screened. For the safety of everyone, the entrance cannot be used during delivery and removal of the lift. The delivery is scheduled for Sep. 28 between 6:30 to 6:50 am and the removal for 1:30-1:50 pm the same day. We encourage anyone who is scheduled to enter or exit the building during those windows to give themselves extra time as there will be no alternate entrance opened for screening. In the event of an emergency, the contractor will stop the delivery to allow emergency services through.