Visiting Information

Mount Hope resident holds a person's hand

St. Joseph's Health Care London acknowledges the central role of family caregivers in the health and well-being of patients/residents. You are important members of the health care team and your participation in care is encouraged.

To support patient/resident and family-centered care, St. Joseph’s does not have specified visiting hours. Family caregivers are welcome based on patient/resident wishes balanced with the care needs, well-being, safety and security for all.

Who is a family caregiver?

A family caregiver is someone – a family member, friend or neighbour – who provides important personal, social, psychological and physical support, assistance or care for an individual.

General guidelines for everyone’s health

At St. Joseph’s our values are respect, excellence and compassion. To provide a safe and healthy environment for everyone, staff, patients/residents and family caregivers will:

  1. Respect our patients/residents’ privacy. Staff can only provide information to designated family caregivers or partners in care with permission from the patient/resident.
  2. Be respectful and courteous in interactions with all.
  3. Protect everyone from the spread of germs by washing their hands before entering the building and when moving between care areas.
  4. If they are feeling unwell, be considerate of our patients/residents and not come to St. Joseph’s.
  5. Be respectful and aware of the need for quiet for all patients/residents and their well-being.

Download the Family Presence information

After hours access to St. Joseph’s Hospital

People visiting after hours please go to Grosvenor Entrance 2 and use the buzzer to contact security to gain access.

Cheapside entrance

  • Monday to Friday: 5:30 am to 8 pm
  • Saturday and Sunday: 6 am to 4 pm

Grosvenor entrance 2 

  • Monday to Friday: 5:30 am to 6 pm
  • Saturday, Sunday and holidays: 7:30 am to 4 pm

Quiet hours

Quiet hours are in place from 10 pm-7 am to promote rest and well-being of all patients/residents. To help us create a calm space, please:

  • Speak in hushed tones
  • Dim overhead lights
  • Silence electronic devices 

Family caregivers are asked to connect with a member of the health care team on the unit ahead of time to make arrangements if they plan to be with a patient/resident during quiet hours.

For everyone’s security, there are times of day when access to St. Joseph’s buildings is limited. Family caregivers may be asked to use certain doors, ring to have a door unlocked and/or check in with security.