Cell Phone and Wireless Internet

Cellular Phones, Mobile Phones, Transmitting Devices and Wireless Internet

St. Joseph's Health Care London permits the use of cellular phones and other wireless devices on hospital property except in prohibited areas. Signs indicating where cellular phones/wireless devices cannot be used are posted in prohibited areas of the hospital.

For the safety of patients using medical devices, cellular phones and other wireless devices require a minimum distance of one (1) meter from any medical devices.

Using a cellular phone or other wireless technology to photograph, videotape or sound record another person on hospital premises without his or her consent is strictly prohibited.

mobile phone accepting guest wifi policy

Wireless Internet (WiFi)

St. Joseph's is pleased to offer free wireless (WiFi) access for all patients and visitors.

How to connect:

  1. On your device, connect to the St. Joseph's Guest wireless network.
  2. Open a browser window.
  3. Tap "Accept" to agree to Terms and Conditions.