Care Partnership

Each individual who comes to St. Joseph’s Health Care London for care has unique needs depending on their disease or condition. While we respect each person as an individual, we want our patient, resident and family caregiver experience to be the same – one of respect, excellence and compassion.

In every interaction we should earn your confidence in our care. We earn confidence by listening and by partnering together.

Research shows partnering improves the quality of care provided, the experience of patients and caregivers and health outcomes.

Purposefully partnering with those we serve has been a strategic priority for St. Joseph’s since 2015. This care philosophy was guided by best practice in the:

two men and two women in front of a board with post-it notes, sharing their ideas

Every patient and caregiver has the right to decide how they partner with us. You can learn more about the different levels of partnership in the Care Partnership Framework. Our goal is for all experiences at St. Joseph’s to be as full partners in care.

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