St. Joseph’s patient, resident and family councils

Listening to the voices of our patients, residents and family caregivers is crucial to our ability to improve our care.
St. Joseph’s Health Care London has established patient/resident and family councils at each of its major facilities, including:

Each council, guided by our statement of patient, resident and family values, provides valuable and essential input to our organizational planning and our clinical programs, enhancing the overall care experience.

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The importance of involving family caregivers

Video transcript

My husband had surgery to do a bone graft for a transplant six years ago and they cut into a nerve and that’s when all of the pain started and that’s when all of the drugs, medications started. It really changed our lives because he really couldn’t function the way he did before that and I ended up taking a great deal of responsibility. We had a business and within a couple of years decided that we would close the business and he could retire. He had a triple bypass unexpectedly and he went back to the hospital two weeks later with a septic gallbladder. After his stay at UH we arrived at Parkwood at the Day Hospital. And he had amazing care. What I found as a caregiver at Parkwood was that the inclusion as a partner in care was there right from the first day. I was so impressed that the staff really meant inclusive, part of the circle of care, it wasn’t just come to the meetings because we are going to look after the patient. That so often happens. We are often invisible as caregivers and yet if this was theatre, the patients the star and we’re the supportive role. Sometimes people don’t realize the incredible fatigue and how overwhelmed it can feel. When you are a support person you need support. If you’re going to shine your light in the world you have to fill up your lamp. And the only way to really do that is to have the support of others and the encouragement of others. For me the support came in everybody’s greeting. Including me in the how are you today. A hello can bring a smile as quickly as anything else. And when you get a smile too with an energetic staff person you just feel as if you’ve walked into a hug. I think people go into the health care profession because they have incredible compassion, they want to help. And the most important message is use that smile, use the hello, use the names for the care partner as well, so they get their lamp filled up, so they get energy to be able to do what they need to do.