Becoming a Care Partner

If you are currently, or have recently been a patient, resident or family member / care provider / friend for a patient or resident of St. Joseph’s, you are invited to be a Care Partner at our organization.  To become a Care Partner, you must fill out this intake form and participate in orientation. 

Becoming a Care Partner is easy. 

First fill out the intake form. The information collected on the form is used to help us best match you to your areas of interest. If you have interest but not a lot of experience, don’t worry we happily provide you training and support.  

If you need assistance with the form please call us. We are happy to provide you support. Call 519-646-6100 x45621 or email @email for assistance. 

Completed forms can be emailed to @email or mailed to:

Care Partnership 
St. Joseph’s Health Care London, 
Parkwood Institute- Main Building,  
550 Wellington Road South, B5-159 
London, Ontario, N6C 0A7

What happens after you send in your intake form?

A member of St. Joseph’s Care Partnership Office team will contact you to set-up a time for orientation and answer any questions you may have.  

Care Partner Orientation 

All new Care Partners will be introduced to the supports of the Care Partnership Office through a formal orientation. Orientation topics include:

  • Overview of St. Joseph’s mission, vision and values 
  • Privacy and confidentially  
  • Review of opportunities to participate in
  • Safety information such as what to do if there is an emergency when you are in the building   
  • Expectations of both the Care Partner and the Care Partnership Office

Placement matching 

graphic representing the steps to becoming a care partner

Care Partners are matched to initiatives based on interest of the person and the types of participation requests received by the office: 

1. Request for Care Partner received 


2. Care Partner interests/preferences considered 


3. Care Partners matched for initiative 


4. Care Partner participation requested 


5. Care Partner oriented for initiative


What projects and initiatives can Care Partners participate in?  

As a Care Partner, you will be matched to participate in various projects and initiatives based on your interests and experience. You can participate as little or as much as you wish. We have many options for Care Partners to participate in, from giving input remotely on occasion, to being a part of a project working group or council that connects regularly.  

Care Partner roles can be in:  

Storytelling: Share your health care experiences with at St. Joseph’s. Stories may be shared in print, video, or in-person presentations. 

Quality Improvement Initiatives: This can include participating in focus groups, co-design events and working groups.   
Committees/Councils: Serve on a variety of different councils/committees such as:

  • Patient/Family Advisory Council at Parkwood Institute Main Building 
  • Patient/Family Council at St. Joseph’s Hospital 
  • Family Advisory Council for Parkwood Institute Mental Health Care Building

Research initiatives through Lawson Health Research Institute: Serve as review panel members on research projects. Work with specific research teams to provide feedback on research projects. *Additional training will be provided for this role.  
Hiring Panel: Participate in the hiring and selection of staff with Human Resources and associated units. *Additional training will be provided for this role.
Care Partners will have regular communication, education and support from the Care Partnership Office team for the duration of their role with St. Joseph’s.  

To learn more about Care Partnership at St. Joseph’s, view the Care Partnership at St. Joseph's video  

Frequently Asked Questions

What kinds of projects have Care Partners participated in?

What kinds of projects have Care Partners participated in? 

  • Developing Care Resource Binders for patients and caregivers that act as a communication tool between them and the care team   
  • Sharing their lived experience through interviews and storytelling 
  • Creating content and providing direction for e-learning modules for staff 
  • Developing the organizations Family Presence Policy and revised essential caregiver policy 
  • A hiring panel for leadership recruitment  
  • Co-designing an online patient and family resource library 
  • Reviewing patient and caregiver waiting spaces and rooms   
  • Providing feedback through interviews and focus groups on virtual care patient support 
  • The quality committee, part of St. Joseph’s Board of Directors 
  • Patient and family councils 
  • Patient engagement/co-design with Western Ontario Health Team 
What is the difference between a care partner and a volunteer?


Care Partners Volunteers
Share their story. Talk about their health care experiences with clinicians, staff and other patients  Aid patients and visitors with hospital information and way finding   

Complete surveys/questionnaires 
Work in the library  
Engage in the planning and development of different information and educational materials. 
Help with special events 
Partner with staff on working groups/ focus groups to improve services across the organization  
Visit residents and patients  
Serve on a variety of different councils/committees 
Complete clerical work 
Serve as review panel members in the selection of research projects and work with specific research teams to provide feedback on research projects. 
Help with sales at a variety of shops: Clothing shop, Gift shop, Lottery booth and Sunset Variety 
Partner in the process to recruit and hire staff at St. Joseph’s Have community placements 
  Help at information desks 
  Work as information escorts 























What questions should I consider when deciding to become a Care Partner? 

Are you interested in improving the quality of the care we provide in your community? 
Could you provide insight and ideas based on your experience within health care?  
Are you at a place in your health or care giving journey that you could provide appropriate input/feedback to move work forward? 
If so then being a Care Partner might be right for you. Reach out to the Care Partnership Office to find out more.  

What qualities do Care Partners have?


  • A passion for enhancing the health care experience for patients and families 
  • The ability to share insights and information about their past experiences to help evolve programs, services and hospital priorities 
  • A good listener 
  • Respect other people’s opinions and perspectives 
  • The ability to share your thoughts and opinions in a group setting 
  • Being open to seeing beyond your own personal experiences to contribute constructively 
  • Being open to working with others whose backgrounds, experiences and styles may be different than your own 
Will I be paid for being a Care Partner? 

Care Partner roles are non-paid volunteer roles.