Care Partnership Framework

In 2016, patients, residents, caregivers, staff and physicians co-designed the Care Partnership Framework. This tool highlights how we can partner together in direct care, quality improvement, research and advocacy. The framework shows there are different levels of engagement at St. Joseph’s, that change depending on the situation and the partner’s wishes.  

The first step is to discuss how the patient, resident or caregiver wants to be involved.  

The Care Partnership Framework is grounded in St. Joseph’s Statement of Patient, Resident and Family Values.  

graphic showing how families, cargivers, patients and residents are empowered through being informed, involved, consulted with as partners in collaboration


Learn more about what engagement and partnership means.

Who can be a Care Partner at St. Joseph’s?
Any person who is or has recently (within the past two years) been a patient or resident, or a family member, care provider or friend for a patient or resident of St. Joseph’s. Learn more about becoming a Care Partner.