Specialized Geriatric Services: Geriatric Rehabilitation Day Hospital

Providing outpatient rehabilitation for the frail elderly

The Geriatric Rehabilitation Day Hospital’s specialized rehabilitation service helps frail patients 60 years of age and older to be healthy, independent and maintain their quality of life.

This rehabilitation helps patients who are struggling to maintain their independence:

  • After being discharged from hospital
  • Following a surgery
  • After an illness
  • Because of declining health

There is no cost to attend this program. The purchase of equipment or therapeutic recreational supplies/equipment may incur some cost on an individual basis.

The Geriatric Rehabilitation Day Hospital collaborates with community organizations to ensure the right supports are in place for the frail elderly at home.

Referrals to the Geriatric Rehabilitation Day Hospital can be initiated by any health professional and require the signature of a family physician, nurse practitioner or specialist.