Specialized Geriatric Services: Geriatric Rehabilitation Day Hospital - Services

The Geriatric Rehabilitation Day Hospital offers nursing, physiotherapy, occupational therapy and social work services. They can arrange for other services if required; for example dietitian or speech language pathologist services for patients with speaking or swallowing issues.

  • Nurses work with patients to decide on their treatment goals and develop an individualized care plan. During their time with the Geriatric Rehabilitation Day Hospital, the nurse stays in regular contact with patients to ensure the treatment is meeting their needs.
  • Physiotherapists help patients regain their strength and provide exercise routines for them to use at home.
  • Occupational therapists help patients plan better ways to manage in their homes, for example setting up a kitchen to save steps, and exploring equipment needs such as walkers.
  • As required, social workers help patients link with other community organizations to support them at home.

All of these professionals tailor education topics to each patient’s needs so they can continue to live independently. For example, education is provided on topics like falls prevention, medications, pain, sleep, nutrition and knowing limitations and planning activities accordingly.