Your gifts are opening doors for a new generation of surgical leaders

Surgical fellowships help train the next generation of surgeons while enhancing patient care. These are just some of the ways donor support of surgical training is impacting care today.

physicians performing surgery
Surgeons from across the globe come to St. Joseph's for hands-on training in our operating rooms.

Inside the operating rooms at St. Joseph’s Hospital, surgeons perform medical miracles everyday. They use their skills during procedures that change and even save lives, like removing cancerous tumours, implanting joint replacements and disintegrating kidney stones.

Many of these same-day or short-stay surgeries are supported by surgical fellows: surgical specialists who provide a vital helping hand to surgeons and improve patient outcomes while acquiring real-time hands-on training. Once their training is complete, they return home to share their newfound expertise for the benefit of patients worldwide.

Donor support is opening doors and bringing surgeons to London to train in St. Joseph’s world-class surgical programs. You provided sustainable funding for fellowship programs in breast care, ophthalmology, otolaryngology (head and neck surgery), orthopedics and urology.

Extra Support for Breast Care

Dr. Brackstone caring for patient
Breast Surgery Oncology Fellows work closely with St. Joseph's experts including Dr. Muriel Brackstone.

Surgeons at St. Joseph’s perform thousands of breast procedures for people across Ontario each year, like biopsies to collect tissue and check for cancerous cells or oconoplastic procedures that combine tumour removal with reconstruction. 

Donors helped fund three years for the breast surgical oncology fellowship program. The fellows will rotate through specialties while honing their skills and gaining hands-on experience with our talented breast surgeons like Dr. Muriel Brackstone.

Our Breast Care Program is committed to training knowledgeable and collaborative surgeons – because 76 Canadians are diagnosed with breast cancer every day. The surgical fellows will lend a much-needed extra set of hands in pathology, clinical genetics, palliative care, melanoma, radiology and plastic surgery, while also caring for patients in the Norton and Lucille Wolf Breast Care Centre.

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