Board of Directors

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A Message from the Chair

Governance in today's academic hospitals is much like an ongoing stewardship balancing act. Now, more than any time in our history, competing requirements and demands call trustees to understand a wider range of more complex information while making effective, ethical and sometimes difficult decisions.

The St. Joseph's Board of Directors carries on a strong tradition of understanding the issues, while never losing sight of this organization's roots, values, mission and vision. Our mandate is fulfilled through a strong governance structure, advancing our capacity to use relevant, timely information, and the dedication of all those who are part of the St. Joseph's families.

Most of all, however, is the importance of governing in relationship with others - with the engagement of care providers and patients; volunteers, partners and donors; governments and businesses, and the guidance and support of our sponsors, the St. Joseph's Health Care Society, and the Bishop of the Diocese of London.

As I commence my term as chair of the board, I am grateful for the strong relationships with which we are constantly blessed, and I look forward with great anticipation for the new ones we will forge in the interest of those we serve.

Margaret M. R. Kellow 
Chair, Board of Directors
Last updated: Wed, 2017-07-12 08:58