St. Joseph's Health Care Society

About the Society

St. Joseph's Health Care London is owned by the St. Joseph's Health Care Society of the Roman Catholic Diocese of London, and governed by a volunteer board of directors representing the community. Our services are publicly funded.

The St. Joseph's Health Care Society was formed in 1993 when the Sisters of St. Joseph made the decision to cease being directly involved in the administration of the hospitals they founded in Sarnia and Chatham as well as London. The Sisters of St. Joseph continue to be active in community health.

The Society ensures that the tradition of caring and compassion, as exemplified by the Sisters of St. Joseph, continues. As our owner, the Society approves the appointment of Board members and the President and CEO. It Society also approves the organization's auditors and annual audited financial statements.

We have an excellent working relationship with the St. Joseph's Health Care Society Board and are pleased to report to them on our progress annually and to work together on projects related to our spiritual care mission.

Mission of St. Joseph's Health Care Society

Who we are

The St. Joseph’s Health Care Society is an incorporated body, made up of volunteer members, which owns two hospitals in Chatham and London, Ontario, two hospices in Sarnia and London as well supports other health ministries.  The hospitals were founded by the Sisters of St. Joseph and bear the name “St. Joseph’s Hospital” or “St. Joseph’s Health Care”.

As owner and sponsor of the hospitals, hospices and supporters of other ministries, we seek to serve as good stewards, paying specific attention, in a compassionate and collaborative manner, to issues of social justice in the management of the hospitals and hospices and in the delivery of care.  Guided by the Gospel and Tradition, we actively ensure all faiths and belief-systems have the right and opportunity to express themselves during the experience of illness and care.  We strive to listen to all voices, seek inclusiveness, and balance the needs of the unique individual with the common good of the community.  As leaders, we maintain a faith in people, hope in the future, and comfort in the goodness of the health care ministry.

What we do

Our mission is to ensure that our hospitals, hospice and other ministries, bearing the name “St. Joseph’s” continue to exemplify the approach to care that the Sisters of St. Joseph established through their long and honoured history.  We support the hospitals to continue to meet the community’s high expectations of deeply respectful, holistic, person-centered care by:

  1. Approving the appointment of boards of trustees committed to the mission and values of the St. Joseph’s Health Care Society;
  2. Monitoring, ensuring and recognizing the effective adherence by boards, administration and staff to a delivery of health and pastoral care services reflecting Christian values in the Roman Catholic tradition;
  3. Fostering our philosophy   of health care through sponsorship of a Health Care Leadership program

Where we do it

St. Joseph’s Health Care London
St. Joseph’s-Hospice of London
St. Stephen’s House

St. Joseph’s Hospital a member of the Chatham-Kent Health Alliance

St. Joseph’s Hospice

Diocese of London
Foundations in Parish Nursing – sponsor (national program)
Diocesan Health Care Ministries Group – sponsor and co-ordinator

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