Behind the Mask

Health care workers across the globe have rallied to meet the needs of the communities they serve. Each one wearing a mask to protect who they care for during this crisis. At the same time, the mask covers their face - their expression hidden from others. Who are the people behind the mask?

Behind The Mask tells the stories of health care workers at St. Joseph’s from all roles and disciplines. It captures their feelings, functions, sacrifices, triumphs and experiences during COVID-19.

Take a glimpse into the vast and varied lives of the people who care for you in our community - and how they are coping with one of the greatest health crises of our time. We will be sharing more stories each week over the next couple of months.

Sandra Northcott wearing a surgical mask

It’s the little things

Sandra hails from friendly eastern Canada, where her elderly parents continue to reside. “Our parents are aging and have serious medical issues. It has been difficult not to do our annual summer visit and even harder knowing that if anyone took a turn for the worse and ended up in the hospital, I...
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Marilyn Hill wearing surgical mask

Ask for help

A psychologist and single mom, Marilyn was thrown more than one curve ball with the arrival of COVID-19. “I normally juggle a busy schedule of full-time work, parenting, household chores, activities etc. – and suddenly, my routines were turned upside down. My daily “to do” list now also included...
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George Athwal Behind the Mask

How quickly things change

The past six months have opened George’s eyes to how beautiful and precious life is – and how it can seemingly change in an instant. “We live in a fragile environment,” he says. “It’s incredible that a virus 50 times smaller than one of our red blood cells can bring the world to a complete stop.”...
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Beverley Barrie wearing a mask

Reminded of her importance

Registered nurse Beverley Barrie was all set to change careers. After eight years with St. Joseph’s Occupational Health and Safety Services, she was going to become a pastry chef. And then COVID-19 hit. “All of a sudden I began working four to six days a week, answering hotline calls, swabbing...
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Lorna Morgan wearing a face mask

Controlling our collective destiny

As an Infection Control Practitioner at St. Joseph’s Hospital, Lorna fully believes that when it comes to the coronavirus, we are each responsible for controlling our collective destiny. Everyone must play a role by performing good hygiene, wearing a mask and practicing physical distancing – the...
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Carl Campbell

Strength in challenge

Carl Campbell cares a great deal for the physiological health of the staff and physicians at St. Joseph’s. As a member of St Joseph's Psychological Health and Safety Working Group since its inception three years ago, Carl has been involved in providing resources for employees who need physiological...
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Daniel Sobczak behind the mask

A dose of motivation

We’ve all needed an extra dose of motivation in recent months. For Daniel, a physiotherapist in St. Joseph’s Mental Health Care Program, it’s been helping patients achieve their physical health goals that has boosted his spirits. “Watching one of my patients dance down the hall with a smile on his...
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Lisa Roselli

The power of a smile

Lisa wants residents to see her smile again. As a recreational therapist at Mount Hope Centre for Long Term Care, she works with vulnerable people, many of whom have dementia. Sometimes a smile is all it takes to put those in her care at ease and make them feel comfortable. “Wearing a mask means...
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Dr. Michael Silverman

We must remain vigilant

As citywide Chair/Chief of Infectious Diseases, Dr. Michael Silverman has played an instrumental role in London’s response to the pandemic. He has provided critical clarity in a world filled with noise about the novel coronavirus, advising hospital administrators on the use of personal protective...
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Jessica Baker wearing a mask

Profound impacts

For a long time, Jessica was unable to see her family. “It was months. I missed being able to visit, I missed hugs, and I always worry about their safety.” As a Spiritual Care Practitioner, Jessica feels challenged by the pandemic in several ways. “Having to wear a mask has made me more appreciative...
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