Behind the Mask

Health care workers across the globe have rallied to meet the needs of the communities they serve. Each one wearing a mask to protect who they care for during this crisis. At the same time, the mask covers their face - their expression hidden from others. Who are the people behind the mask?

Behind The Mask tells the stories of health care workers at St. Joseph’s from all roles and disciplines. It captures their feelings, functions, sacrifices, triumphs and experiences during COVID-19.

Take a glimpse into the vast and varied lives of the people who care for you in our community - and how they are coping with one of the greatest health crises of our time. We will be sharing more stories each week over the next couple of months.

Karen Perkin

We cannot go back

Karen Perkin has acted as St. Joseph’s COVID-19 Incident Manager during the pandemic. Her strong leadership is pulling the organization through this historical time. Incredibly proud of the response from St. Joseph’s Karen knows we are fighting a battle hits close to home. “For me COVID-19 has a...
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Amanda Jackman wearing a mask

We are bound to one another

With the onset of COVID-19, Amanda became responsible for communicating to over 4000 staff and physicians. “It was completely overwhelming at first,” she says. “We were in crisis-mode and bombarded with information that was vital for our health care workers.” At St. Joseph’s the response to the...
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Julie wears a mask

A sense of duty

Every morning Julie wakes up with an important mission to keep those she cares for safe, healthy and happy. With a keen sense of duty, she cares for an extremely vulnerable patient population in long-term care and never takes shortcuts. She fully understands the importance of her role. “The pandemic...
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Rebecca Cantor selfie

When one door closes

Rebecca Cantor, Nurse Educator in Specialized Geriatrics Services can’t wait to see people’s smiling faces again. “Parkwood Institute is full of wonderful, friendly people! I miss seeing people smile as you pass them in the hall.” Throughout the pandemic, Rebecca hasn’t seen the smiles but has seen...
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Emily McCarthy Behind the Mask selfie

The melody of purpose

Emily McCarthy, Music Therapist in the Veterans Care Program, has always turned to music during difficult times, and COVID-19 has been no different. “Every day I see how it has helped me personally and the veterans I work with.” During this crisis it has been important for Emily to feel like she has...
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David Schned

How can I help?

“How can I help?” was Dave’s moto as COVID-19 began to ramp up. Scheduled appointments and surgeries began to be postponed but St. Joseph’s still needed to meet the care needs of patients. His team of information technology specialists readied themselves to enable virtual appointments for patients...
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Daria Nedilski

The greater good

Understanding the COVID-19 situation will eventually improve Daria Nedilski, Occupational Therapist at Parkwood Institute, is focusing on the opportunity it provides for time and solitude. “Many of us have been able to slow down and become more introspective,” says Daria. “For me, I am constantly...
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Viraj Mehta selfie

An inspirational response

As a psychiatrist, Viraj, thought he would need to mentally support those close to him including his family and friends. He knew circumstances at work would be challenging and he would be running on little sleep. What he didn’t anticipate was that his wife and parents would be a constant source of...
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Scott Bacon

A priceless reward

Scott, security guard, has a new appreciation for the freedoms he had before the pandemic. He and his wife are both social creatures who enjoy being “out and about” with friends and family. They miss the little things like shopping and going out for dinner. Scott has played a big role in looking...
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Cindy Brodie wearing a mask

Seeing what's possible

Cindy, Team Assistant, Organizational Development and Learning Services, likes a good laugh every once in a while. And while the seriousness of COVID-19 doesn’t escape her, she appreciates everything people are doing to create some cheer. “I am so impressed with how people have stepped up to help in...
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