My St. Joseph's Magazine Spring 2023

My St. Joseph's features compelling stories of care, compassion, innovation, discovery, dignity, community giving and spirit.

These are stories of impact, excellence and inspiration that shed light on who we are, what we do, and our enduring legacy of care – body, mind and spirit.

My St. Joseph’s is distributed across St. Joseph’s and in our community.

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My St. Joseph’s is our new magazine featuring compelling stories of care, compassion, innovation, discovery, dignity, community giving and spirit. These stories shed light on who we are, what we do, and our enduring legacy of care – body, mind and spirit. 

Hard copies of My St. Joseph’s can be found within our community at libraries, family medical clinics, community centres and other central gathering places across London.

Spring 2022 | Issue 05

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Fall 2021 | Issue 04

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Winter 2021 | Issue 03

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Fall 2020 | Issue 02

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Winter 2020 | Issue 01

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Fely Hassib at the opening of the chapel

A space to call home

Amid a busy and bustling day, personal support worker Fely Hassib is grateful to have a quiet place to pause, reflect and, most importantly, to pray. In the new multi-faith room at Mount Hope Centre for Long Term Care (Mount Hope), the dedicated clinician feels a sense of belonging. “For me and many...
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MRI at St. Joseph's Hospital

No fuss MRI upgrade - little downtime, no delivery

It was an uplift without the lift. At a time of extremely high patient volumes and backlogs across the province, St. Joseph’s Health Care London (St. Joseph’s) upgraded its two magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) units without having to replace the large, powerful machines, saving months of downtime...
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Eyes on Ukraine logo

Eyes on Ukraine

When a young ophthalmology resident approached Dr. Cindy Hutnik with an idea, neither could have predicted the profound personal and global impact it would have. Within one year, this humanitarian duo, along with ophthalmologists from across Canada – all sharing a Ukrainian background – have raised...
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Billy part of project search

Real world, real success

In collaboration with Hutton House and Thames Valley District School Board, St. Joseph’s Health Care London is providing valuable work experience to students with disabilities. Twenty-year-old high school student Jeuel Alpuerto prepares a load of dishes to be sanitized in the kitchen area of St...
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Dr. Nebor

The power of “razom”

When news of the hostile Russian invasion into Ukraine first broke in February 2022, Ukrainian surgeon Dr. Ivanka Nebor was in Canada completing a surgical fellowship at St. Joseph’s Health Care London (St. Joseph’s). But her heart was never far from home, and lessons learned at St. Joseph’s is...
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Helen Woolson and Margaret Woolson Nolan

Families within a family

Dating back to the earliest days of St. Joseph’s Health Care London, generations of families have worked and contributed to the legacy of the organization. Today, family trees continue to take root at St. Joseph’s across all sites. Not only do they carry on proud traditions within their own families...
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palliative care patient

Wrapped in a hug

Sydney Vickers is no stranger to giving people hope and comfort. In fact, it’s in her name. “I have always had an interest in volunteering and helping people,” Sydney says with a smile. “Hope is actually my middle name.” And help she does. The 18-year-old founded Hopes Hugs Inc. when she was just 15...
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Siblings Chris Porter and Danny DePrest

Where there’s a will, there’s a way

Family means everything to Danny and Chris. The siblings are among the youngest of 11 children in the DePrest family who immigrated to Canada from Belgium in 1954 after hearing friends and family boast of ‘roads paved with gold and money everywhere’. But the reality of what the family found didn’t...
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Iylah and Dr. MacDougal

Championing inclusive classrooms

Creating safe and inclusive schools, where students can celebrate their individuality, is part of a new, local research project called Queer in the Classroom. The project focuses on professional development for teachers and staff to assist them in creating an environment tailored to best support...
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