Group placement requirements

1. Student Checklist for group placements

AnchorStudent Checklist
The Student Checklist outlines accountabilities before, during and at the end of your placement. Please make sure to review each section carefully and keep the checklist handy throughout your placement.

2. Student Pre-placement Requirements 

AnchorPre-placement requirements
Please follow the above link to our pre-placement page, where you will find all requirements for student placement purposes; including a vulnerable sector check, learning modules and all health requirements. All pre-placement requirements must be completed two weeks prior to your start date.

3. Pandemic Protocols 

AnchorCOVID Updates
Students are required to review the above COVID Updates webpage for up-to-date resources, tools and information relating to COVID-19 protocols and additional considerations that have been implemented for placement purposes. The above link is only accessible with a St. Joseph’s network login.

4. Preparing for your First Day



Information about parking can be found on St. Joseph’s parking information.

AnchorPersonal attire

Guidelines around personal dress attire varies according to role and site location, however there are three requirements which are consistent across all sites, areas and programs of the organization:

  • many people suffer from allergic reactions due to scent sensitivity.  Please make sure to refrain from using or wearing fragrance or scented products. For more information, please review the Scents Sensitivity in the Workplace policy
  • jewelry should not be worn by individuals who work with patients other than a wrist watch and a medic alert bracelet that are cleaned regularly 
  • functional footwear is required for individuals who work with patients - closed toe/closed flat heel, material impermeable or resistant to liquids, no large openings or holes, and slip resistant sole
5. Prescreening Requirements

AnchorActive self-screening for symptoms of COVID-19 is in effect at all St. Joseph’s facilities. Each student will be responsible for self-screening prior to entering any St. Joseph’s building prior to arrival of each placement shift. Please use the Ontario screening tool found here

6. Security and Identification

Security Protocol, ID Badges and Security Items

Students will be informed through Student Affairs onboarding process to submit a photograph for their ID badge to their Clinical Instructor (CI). The CI will submit the student photos to a minimum of fourteen days prior to the start date, ensuring they specify the students have been registered with “Student Affairs”. 

Failure to submit your photograph to your CI, fourtheen days in advance of the start date will result in a delayed start date.

  • Once the students access packages and ID badges (and personal alert device, if applicable) are ready for pick up at the assigned Security Office, the CI will be informed via email. The CI must pick up the student packages from Security. Students must have their ID badge and security items on their first day.  

Security will provide the student’s security items to the clinical instructor, who is responsible for their distribution and collection at the end of placement.  Exception: Clinical groups learning at Parkwood Institute Mental Health Care Building or Southwest Centre for Forensic Mental Health Care must return their items at the end of each shift.

Identification Badge: Your school ID and corporate ID badge must be worn while on placement at St. Joseph’s Health Care London.

Last day of placement: Please return your security package to the CI, who will then return your items to the Security office at their site

Lost or damaged items

Tracking of security items is jointly monitored by Security Services and Student Affairs. If security items are documented as not returned/lost, Student Affairs will liaise with the CI to verify the non-return of security items, after which time an invoice will be sent to the school for the missing security items. The cost of a lost identification badge/ access cards is $50.00 per item, lost keys are $75 per item and a lost personal alert device is $350. The school will follow up with the student regarding the bill for the lost items as per the school’s policies and protocols.