Training opportunities in the psychology discipline

A strong student presence is highly valued at St. Joseph's and is reflected by our excellent supervisory activities.

London Clinical Psychology Residency Consortium

London Clinical Psychology Residentcy Consortium

Together with the psychology disciplines at London Health Sciences Centre (LHSC), Child and Parent Resource Institute (CPRI), Vanier Children’s Mental Wellness and Health and Wellness, Western University, psychology at St. Joseph's Health Care London is proud to be an integral partner in the London Clinical Psychology Residency Consortium. You can find more information about the consortium on the London Health Sciences Centre psychology web page in addition to the information available below.

London Clinical Psychology Residency Consortium emphasizes clinical service, teaching, and research. The aim of the programme is to prepare residents for post-doctoral supervised practice in psychology, particularly within the health care system. This aim is pursued through identification of individual interests, enhancement of strengths, and broadening areas of clinical interest and skill. Professionalism is enhanced through the development of strong interpersonal and communication skills, time management strategies, and an overall positive sense of professional self and identity.

While clinical training is emphasized, the scientist-practitioner model serves as the philosophical basis for clinical practice, as well as educational and research endeavours. In line with the goals outlined in the Gainesville Manifesto of 1990, the aim of the scientist-practitioner model is to integrate science and practice, and to facilitate career-long integration of investigation, assessment, intervention, and consultation. Psychology Staff at the Consortium Sites endeavour to maintain both an empirical basis to their clinical practice and clinical relevance in their research.

Consistent with the philosophy of the London Clinical Psychology Residency Consortium's programme, we continually strive to meet seven goals for the programme.

  1. To provide all residents with a broad-based training in clinical psychology.
  2. To increase residents' appreciation and understanding of individual differences, including multicultural issues.
  3. To facilitate the development of the residents in their professional identity as psychologists.
  4. To facilitate the development of skills in providing patient-centred care as part of an interprofessional health care team.
  5. To facilitate residents' integration of research into their professional role.
  6. To integrate consideration of supervisory issues into all components of the internship.
  7. To maintain the receptivity to feedback from the residents regarding all aspects of their training programme.

Information on Accreditation

Before London Health Sciences Centre was formed by the 1995 merger of University Hospital and Victoria Hospital, both institutions sponsored independent predoctoral internship programmes in clinical psychology, accredited by both the Canadian and American Psychological Associations since 1991. Both the Canadian Psychological Association and the American Psychological Association accredited the resultant amalgamated programme in 1999. That programme was reaccredited in 2002.

To form the London Clinical Psychology Residency Consortium, London Health Sciences Centre joined with St. Joseph's Health Care London, Child and Parent Resource Institute (CPRI), and Vanier Children’s Mental Wellness. This new predoctoral clinical psychology residency programme had its first cohort of residents start in September 2008. In 2012-2013, a new partner was added to the Consortium: Health and Wellness, Western University. The LCPRC is accredited as a Doctoral Internship Programme in Clinical Psychology by the Canadian Psychological Association. Our next accreditation site visit is due in 2020-21.

Residents are accepted into one of 12 resident positions

  • Child/Adolescent Track (3 resident positions)
  • Adult Mental Health Track (3 resident positions)
  • Health/Rehabilitation Track (2 resident positions)
  • Neuropsychology Track (2 resident positions)
  • Counselling (2 positions available)


Download the Predoctoral Residency in Clinical Psychology 2022-23 brochure

NOTE: All London Clinical Psychology Residency Consortium residents are employees of London Health Sciences Centre. Effective September 2021, all new employees at London Health Sciences Centre are required to provide proof of full vaccination against COVID-19 completed at least fourteen (14) days before their start date; or have an approved medical exemption, or human rights exemption that is verified as applicable under the Ontario Human Rights Code.

Changes to the Consortium

At the London Clinical Psychology Residency Consortium we strive to have the most accurate and up-to-date information in our brochure, and we revise it every year. Nonetheless, changes can occur for many reasons beyond the residency's control, and no programme can guarantee to its residents that the staff and services listed in the brochure at the time of printing will be available throughout the full residency year. In a programme with as many sites, staff, and services as our consortium, some changes are bound to occur.

Due to staffing considerations, for the 2022-2023 training year the London Clinical Psychology Residency Consortium will not be recruiting residents/interns for our Counselling Track (APPIC Match# 181517). In addition, the Minor rotation “Assessment and Treatment with a University Student Population” will not be offered in the 2022-2023 training year.

We are still accepting applications for our four other Tracks (Child/Adolescent, Adult Mental Health, Health/Rehabilitation, Neuropsychology [Adult & Paediatric emphases]), and this change does not affect their Major rotations or other Minor rotations.

Practicum training

Training opportunities also include practica focusing on psychological assessment and/or psychotherapy. These training opportunities involve the trainee contributing to interdisciplinary treatment teams through direct service, collaboration and consultation. They also afford the possibility of involvement in ongoing research projects.

If you would like more information on practicum training opportunities in psychology at St. Joseph's Health Care London, please contact:

Randa Venesoen
Student Affairs
519-646-6100 ext. 42390