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Nursing at St Joseph's Health Care London has an outstanding reputation for compassion and excellence in an environment where respect is the hallmark.

Nursing across St. Joseph’s Health Care London takes place in diverse settings and specialities – in clinics and at the bedside, as well as through outreach in the community. We have more than 1300 nurses working across our sites in various roles from leadership to registered practical nurses, and registered nurses, to nurse educators and advanced practice nurses. 

Every day, they lead by example across a variety of programs – whether assisting clients and families in our mental health care programs, long term, complex care and rehab areas, or in our perioperative or Urgent Care Centre, these nurses care for their patients and families using best practices and compassion coupled with experience and knowledge as they work to address complex patient needs. 

A philosophy of shared leadership among nursing and interdisciplinary teams enables care providers, learners and teachers to contribute their best to patient care, teaching and research.

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Nursing Council

“Exceptional nursing … a passion for practice, learning and leadership.”

St. Joseph’s Health Care London has a very active Nursing Council which is an integral aspect of the shared leadership program. Established in 1990, its membership is drawn from a broadly based spectrum of programs with the majority of members being direct care nurses. This forum provides an opportunity for nurses to demonstrate leadership and to engage in collaborative dialogue and decision making. The outcomes of this forum contribute to enhanced patient care, quality of work life and the evolution of nursing, locally, nationally and internationally. This council is led by two co-chairs from within the nursing profession at St. Joseph’s, and supported by the professional practice team.

As a member of Nursing Council at St. Joseph’s Health Care London, I have been able to step out of the comfort of my unit, team or department and view the world of nursing as a whole within our organization. I’ve had the privilege of witnessing the amazing work our teams do across all sites, that I may have never known was happening, and to be a part of celebrating our successes.  

Nursing Council gives nurses a voice in creating best care guidelines, in shaping policies within the organization, in exploring professional development and in connecting our profession together. We take part in new initiatives and are empowered to have influence in the ever-changing world of healthcare. It’s not just naming our challenges, but rather finding creative and innovative ways to rise above them with the goal of enhancing the care we provide.

- Shauna Graf, RN, Adult Ambulatory Mental Health Care Program

Nursing leadership

St. Joseph’s professional practice team supports regulated health professionals across the organization in upholding practice standards and striving to provide exceptional patient care. To accomplish this we work in a team approach that engages all health care professionals, regulated and unregulated, along with leadership and our external partners. The team has practice consultants that directly support the nursing profession, and help advance both nursing and interprofessional excellence.

The professional practice team is actively engaged in the development of practice standards, guidelines, and policies as well as documentation standards and forms development across the organization. Beyond this, we also support individuals and teams through model of care delivery and practice changes and quality improvement initiatives. We provide coaching and support to individuals and teams to enhance professional development and lifelong learning. Our team also works closely with our academic partners to facilitate and support student placements through various disciplines across the organization.

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We believe that respect for people, an environment of compassion, and the opportunity to provide excellent care are hallmarks of our organization.

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