Psychology, as a regulated health discipline, is represented in all areas of the St. Joseph's organization. Members of the discipline of psychology contribute to health care in general, and to management and alleviation of chronic health concerns in particular.

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Psychology has played a key clinical role at all the St. Joseph's sites for some time. There are active services in all programs of the mental health sites, in rehabilitation and veterans care at Parkwood Institute's Main Building, and in the rheumatology service at St. Joseph's Hospital. The range of services encompasses health psychology, neuropsychology and clinical psychology, and includes assessment and therapeutic interventions in health rehabilitation services for a variety of populations (including brain-injury and spinal cord injury), and services for veterans care programs. Psychology staff are involved in research, education, and consultation, and take part in many of the committee activities that carry on the organization's work.

There has always been a strong student presence on the various sites of the organization, and supervisory activities are ably carried out. Psychology staff have links to various training programs, primarily The University of Western Ontario. You can find training opportunities provided by the London Clinical Psychology Residency Consortium.

Psychology provides services that fit well with the organization's Mission and Success Factors. Psychology is a valuable contributor to multidisciplinary teams, through direct service, collaboration and consultation, as well as through liaison with community agencies. Psychology is a client-centered profession, the term having originally been coined in the context of psychological service delivery. Psychology is committed to promotion of growth of clients, colleagues and organizations.

Several current psychology staff have adjunct faculty appointment to the Department of Psychology, University of Western Ontario; several also hold appointments with the Department of Psychiatry. Several are scientists at the Lawson Health Research Institute. Many staff members are actively involved in research and various professional activities.