St. Joseph's Board of Directors

A message from the Chair

This is a fascinating and turbulent time in Ontario health care. While hospitals continue to focus on the patient experience and outcomes, emerging health care needs and technologies, partnerships, the health of our communities and financial stewardship, we are now doing so against a back drop of tremendous transformation.

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As the provincial government begins to reconfigure health care delivery, governance of academic hospitals requires leaders, board members, staff and physicians to become increasingly resourceful and adaptive to an ever-changing landscape. While governance has always been about juggling competing requirements and demands while making effective, ethical and sometimes difficult decisions, today’s unknowns as the health care system evolves adds a new layer of complexity.

The St. Joseph's Board of Directors has a strong tradition of understanding the issues while never losing sight of our mission, vision and values. Our mandate is fulfilled through a strong governance structure, advancing our capacity to use relevant, timely information, and the dedication of all those who are part of the St. Joseph's family. Indeed, an enduring strength of St. Joseph’s is the ability to embrace change, guided by our firm foundation in Catholic health care.

At this critical time of transition in Ontario, St. Joseph’s is committed, as always, to being a leading change agent and advocating for solutions that ensure the populations we serve receive the care they need.

Most important is our understanding that we govern in relationship with others – with the engagement of care providers and patients; volunteers and donors; researchers and learners; regional and community partners; and local and provincial governments; as well as with the guidance and support of our sponsors, the St. Joseph's Health Care Society and the Bishop of the Diocese of London.

As we look to our next fiscal year, 2019-2020, I am excited by what we will accomplish in the second year of our Strategic Plan: Reaching Out, Connecting Care, Innovating Together.

Launched in the spring of 2018, this bold, three-year plan is grounded in partnerships with patients, residents and family caregivers, with an uncompromising focus on quality and safety, and the need for collaborations and advocacy to advance care, teaching and research. Our many achievements in the first year of the plan all speak to earning complete confidence in the care we provide and making a difference in the quest to live fully.

I look forward to building upon those accomplishments as an organization, together with our partners and our supportive community, while remaining rooted, as always, in our legacy of care, excellence and compassion.

Howard Rundle,
Chair, Board of Directors

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St. Joseph's Health Care London's Board of Directors is comprised of 23 directors with a range of health care, business, and community service experience.

Directors include:

When a member leaves our Board after their term, which is a maximum of six years, the Nominating Subcommittee looks for a replacement with a similar set of skills and/or additional skills and backgrounds to round out the Board complement.

Candidates are typically drawn from the Board's Committee Members who have spent several years participating and learning about St. Joseph's and the various health care services it provides to the community. A candidate's ability to give a significant amount of volunteer time and their level of commitment to the organization are important factors in the selection process.

Once the Nominating Subcommittee identifies potential candidates, their biographies are given to our owners, St. Joseph's Health Care Society. The Society is kept up-to-date throughout the nominating process, since it ultimately approves new Board Directors at its annual meeting of the members.

For more information, please contact the Office of the Board Chair at 519-646-6100 x.64202 or via email to Terri-Lynn Cook, Executive Assistant.


Regular meetings of the St. Joseph's Health Care London Board of Directors ("Board") are traditionally held on the last Monday of the month.

The public and staff are welcome to observe the open portion of the Board’s meetings to:

  • facilitate the conduct of the Board’s business in an open and transparent manner;
  • ensure the corporation maintains a close relationship with the public, the media and stakeholder groups; and
  • generate trust and accountability.

If you are interested in attending the Board of Directors meeting, please notify Terri-Lynn Cook by telephone 24 hours in advance of the meeting at 519-646-6100 ext 64202 or email @email. Anyone who attends a Board meeting without providing required notice may be asked to leave at the request of the Chair.

Conduct During a Board Meeting

  • Scheduled attendees/guests will have observer status, meaning that they may not provide comments or questions during the meeting, unless requested by the Board Chair.
  • Recording, videotaping and/or photography are prohibited.  All cell phones and other electronic devices shall be put on silent.
  • Anyone who is disruptive to the proceedings will be asked to leave and may be prohibited from attending future meetings.
  • In the event that the scheduled attendees/guests have questions arising from the Board meeting, the Board Chair and/or Chief Executive Officer will be available upon request to address queries after the meeting.

Agendas for the open portion of the Board’s meetings will be posted on St. Joseph’s public website five (5) days in advance of each meeting (supporting materials to the agenda are only provided to Directors of the Corporation and members of St. Joseph’s Senior Leadership Team).  Please refer to each posted agenda for the scheduled time that the meeting will be called to order and the noted list of upcoming meetings provided below.

Schedule of upcoming meetings 2020 - 2021

May 31, 2021 - download meeting agenda

June 17, 2021 (AGM)

Past meeting minutes

CEO Report to the Board

Relationship of London's hospitals

London Health Sciences Centre and St. Joseph’s Health Care London remain committed to partnership, collaboration and system integration for the people we serve across our community, our region and beyond. 

To do this, we use a variety of service models, including joint ventures, shared roles and functions, and integrated positions. At the heart of our approach is to strengthen the relationship between our organizations at all levels while continuing to support each hospital’s distinct missions and needs.

Since 1997, these relationships have been guided by a set of principles and they still stand today. 

The Joint Collaboration Agreement was last revised May 2016, and outlines how LHSC and St. Joseph’s will jointly govern and manage all existing and future voluntary arrangements and relationships between the two hospital corporations.

It further solidifies how our Boards and CEOs will work together to ensure:

  • The successful completion of the Health Services Restructuring Commission and Government directives as they pertain to London
  • That hospital-based patient care needs of London/Middlesex and specialty hospital support to Southwestern Ontario are met
  • That with our academic partners, London’s position as a leading centre for academic health sciences in partnership is maintained, and
  • That with our health care partners, we continue to pursue opportunities to improve the health system
  • Administrative By-Law