Regulatory Compliance

O. Reg. 507/18: Broader Public Energy Sector - Energy reporting and conservation and demand management plans 

As a broader public sector entity, St. Joseph’s must comply with the two (2) main obligations originally established by O. Reg. 397/11: ENERGY CONSERVATION AND DEMAND MANAGEMENT PLANS (repealed), and upheld by O. Reg 507/18:

1. Energy Conservation and Demand Management Plans:

Starting in 2011, St. Joseph’s Hospital has been required to develop and follow an energy conservation and demand management plan (ECDMP) which includes the annual energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions resulting from operations at all sites, as well as previous, current and proposed energy conservation measures.

The first “reported” year for the ECDMP was made to be 2009 to make certain that all required energy and emissions data was available for the first year of posting (2011). The ECDMP must also be updated starting in 2019, and every 5 years thereafter.

View the 2019 ECDMP 

2. Summary of Annual Energy Consumption

Every year, St. Joseph’s Hospital must calculate, verify, and make public energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions data resulting from operations at all sites for the year following the previous posted year. This data is posted on St. Joseph’s intranet and Internet websites, and is used by the province for analysis and comparison against all other reporting entities.

View the 2009-2019 reports