Novel coronavirus update for patients, families and visitors

St. Joseph’s continues to work with our partners in health care as we monitor the novel coronavirus. At this time, the Public Health Agency of Canada states that the risk to Canadians is low.

For more detailed information on the status of the virus and risk to Ontarians, please visit the Ontario Ministry of Health website and/or the Public Health Agency of Canada website.


Currently St. Joseph’s is actively screening patients (verbally asking questions) in the Urgent Care Centre to help quickly identify patients who have signs and symptoms of infection who may also have a recent travel history to China. 

Our ambulatory/outpatient areas will continue with passive screening (using signage) in all patient registration areas. When patients arrive for their appointments they must self-identify to their clinician if they are feeling unwell and/or have recent travel history to China or come in contact with someone who has traveled to China.

New travel guidelines and self-isolation

The Middlesex-London Health Unit has up-to-date information on new guidelines to support global containment efforts including the need for people to self-isolate if they have traveled to China. You can read the updated guidelines on the MLHU website.


If you have an appointment but are feeling unwell we ask that you call your care provider to reschedule your appointment. 

However, if patients have a travel China and/or have come in close contact with other ill individuals with a similar travel history and are experiencing symptoms of acute respiratory illness, please contact your family doctor, the Middlesex-London Health Unit, a walk-in clinic, urgent care centre, or the hospital.

Information sheet in different languages

The Ministry of Health has developed an information sheet about the 2019 novel coronavirus to inform Ontarians about the virus, how they can protect themselves and what to do if they think they have contracted the 2019 novel coronavirus. The information sheet is available in multiple languages.


Last updated: Mon, 2020-02-10 16:07